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Lakshmi S Raghavan

Professional Handwriting Analyst, Grapho Analytical Therapist And Jewellery Designer

I Am On A Mission To Make 50,000 People Feel Beautiful Both Inside And Outside And To Help Them Transform Their Dreams Into Reality.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

I Would Like To Thank You For The Handwriting Analysis. The Analysis Covered A Wide Range Of Attributes And It Was Very Accurate. I Was Very Happy With The 90% Accuracy. It Was Significantly Helpful For Me To Truly Understand Myself. I Am Grateful For The Suggestions/Corrections That You Provided. I Will Try My Best To Execute Them. I Would Like To Wish You Good Luck And Hope That You Continue To Shine.

Aishwarya Srinivas

Thank You, Dear Lakshmi, For Doing My Handwriting Analysis. It Was Very Real And Nice. I Felt Everything That You Told Was Very True And Honest. And I Am Trying To Make All The Amendments You Have Told. Once Again, Thank You.


When You Asked Me To Give My Handwriting For Analysis I Didn’t Take It Seriously As I Usually Don’t Believe In Analysis Which Could Be Judged By Our Own Handwriting Or Horoscope. But I Was Really Surprised As Most Of Your Analysis Was Close To My Personality. After Discussing With You I Started Observing Myself And Realised That Your Analysis Was 80% Right.


Hi. My Name Is Lakshmi S Raghavan.

I Am A Jewellery Designer, Crafter, Handwriting Analyst, Grapho Analytical Therapist,
Home Baker And I Love To Add Beauty And Optimism To Peoples Lives. I Learnt
Handwriting Analysis For Self Improvement. My Family And Friends Saw Positive
Changes In My Personality And Wanted Me To Analyze Their Handwriting And Suggest
Changes So That They Can Also Reap Benefits From This Science. Thus, On The Road
To Self Discovery I Am Happy To Add Value To Peoples Lives And Help Them Realize
Their Dreams

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