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Kripa Shankar Singh

General Manager, BE (Mining Engg), First Class Manager's Certificate Of Competency (Coal), Certified Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist

“The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” Is Centuries Old Metonymic Adage Underlining The Power Of The Pen. The Grapho-Therapy Has Added An Entirely New Dimension To This Power Of Pen, Which Is Little Known To The People. Therefore, I Am On A Mission To Make 1 Lakh People Aware Of This New Dimension Of Power Of Pen And Use The Same To Transform Their Lives For Better And More Fulfilling Life Experiences.

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Dear Kripa Shankar Singh Sir, I Am Delighted To Know That There Exists A Science That Can Pinpoint Human Traits. I Am Amazed At The Fact That Handwriting Analysis Can Be So Precise And Can Help Me Understand Myself Better. I Really Owe You For An Accurate Analysis Of My Handwriting, Which Has Helped Me Understand My Strengths And Most Importantly My Weaknesses, My Deepest Fears, And Insecurities Which I Would Have Never Found Out By Myself. Now I Understand My Personality Better. The Assessment You Did, Using This Science With Such Accuracy Is Remarkable. It Shows Your Love, Passion, And Dedication Towards Your Work, Which Is Giving Me More Confidence That I Am In The Right Hands. Going Through My Words You Would Have Already Sensed My Enthusiasm So I Need Not Tell You That I Have Already Started Working On The Guidance And Suggestions You Provided While The Discussions. I Can Already See Small Changes In Me. I Know It Takes Time For Things To Manifest And I Am Ready To Invest That Time In Myself. I Will Practice Grapho-Therapy With Full Commitment And Diligence. Thanks For Making Me Realize I Am Incharge Of My Life. Looking Forward To Great Things Ahead. Warm Regards

Rishabh Singh,Bengaluru


Initially I Was Skeptical Of How Can Handwriting Tell About Personality Of A Person. But After Getting Your Analysis Of My Handwriting, I Am Moved By The Accuracy With Which The Analysis Was Done As Not Only Do The Traits Match With My Personality, But Also The Degree Of Intensity With Which They Are Found In Me. This Handwriting Analysis Will Surely Help One Attain The Mastery Of Knowing One’s Mental And Spiritual Health. Sir, I Am Very Much Thankful To You That You Spent Time And Effort To Understand Me And Suggest Me The Scope Of Improvement Areas. I Will Definitely Work On Your Suggestions To Become A Better Person, Everyday. Please Find Attached The Accuracy % As Per My View In The Document. Thank You Again. Yours Faithfully,

Abhijeet Dutta, Sambalpur

Deputy Manager

Respected Sir, Your Analysis Of My Handwriting Has Given Me A New Outlook About My Personality. I Feel That I Had To Know So Many Things About Myself. I Am 95% Satisfied With Your Handwriting Analysis. I Express My Gratitude To You For Giving Me A Wonderful Handwriting Analysis And Helping Me Understand Myself And Identify My Areas Of Weakness, Which I Want To Overcome Under Your Able Mentorship. Thanks & Regards

Vivek Chandra Thakur, Sambalpur


Hi. My Name Is Kripa Shankar Singh .

At The Age Of 20, When I Knew That The Handwriting Analysis Can Reveal The Traits Of Human Beings, I Felt A Lot Of Passion For Learning This Science. But, It Is Only After I Met Shri Imran Baig Sir, Our Great Iconic Mentor, My Passion Found New Wings.

With Whoever I Have Shared My Handwriting Analysis Reports, The Writer Gets Amazed At The Accuracy Of This Science And My Analysis. After Practicing My Grapho-Therapy, I Feel More Energized And Many Things In My Personal And Professional Life Are Happening Smoothly Giving Me A Sense Of Accomplishment. Sometimes I Myself Also Get Amazed As To How All These Are Happening.

Considering The Huge Potential Of This Science For Working Wonders For Human Beings, If They Continuously Work On Their Handwriting With Dedication And Patience, I Have Resolved To Contribute To The World By Helping People Understand Themselves And Transform Their Lives For Better And More Fulfilling Life Experiences.

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