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Kirti Sushant Pai

I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst, A Home Engineer Engineer, A Science Graduate (B.Sc).

As A Handwriting Analyst My Mission Is To Bring The Wonders Of Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy To A Lot Many People, Thus Guiding Them To Lead Empowering, Purposeful Lives.

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Kirti Sushant Pai My Wife Has Taken Up Handwriting As A Profession. As Part Of Her Learning Process She Analysed My Handwriting And I Must Say It Was Impressive. She Accurately Predicted Even The Finer Aspects Of My Nature Which Is Not Very Evident. I Think Is An Art, Is Very Underrated And Can Be Accurately Used To Describe A Person’s Nature. Towards This, I Wish Her All The Very Best In Her Personal. Thank You”

Dr.Sushant A Pai, Bengaluru

Dental Specialist.Feedback

Good Evening Dear Friends!!!Let Me Introduce Myself I Am Dr Anitha, Family Physician Practicing In Shivajinagar. Mrs.Kirti Sushant Is My Childhood Friend. She Is A Very Noble And Humble Person. Her Analysis About My Handwriting Is Vent Percent Accurate. She Discussed About My Positive And Negative Shades And Also Gave Me Tips How To Overcome My Negativity. I Would Extend My Support And Best Wishes To My Dear Friend “.

Dr. Anita T, Bengaluru

Family Physician

Had My Handwriting Analysis Done By Kirti And She Gave Her Analysis About My Handwriting .It Was Really An Introspection Thati Had Into My Life.I Was Able To Correlate All My Characteristics With The Different Real Life Scenarios In My Life.The Analysis Of My Handwriting Was Very Accurate To The Dot.I Really Enjoyed Understanding Myself From A Different Angle.I Wish Kirti All The Very Best For Her Future Analysis “.

Hello Everyone! My Name Is Kirti Sushant Pai

I Am A Professional Hand Writing Analyst. After Being A Dedicated Home Engineer Since The Last Several Years , I Have Now Embarked On The This Inspiring Journey Of Being A Handwriting Analyst.

My Husband Is Dr. Sushant A Pai A Dental Specialist And Together We Have A Son Named Sanket.

I Would Like To Utilize My Skills As. A Handwriting Analyst And To Provide Valuable Insights To My Clients Thus Promoting Their Personal Growth .

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