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Kiran Jais


Being A Handwriting Analyst And A Grapho Therapist, My Mission Is To Create Consciousness And Awareness About Self Love, Which Means Physically Healthy, Mentally Strong, And Emotionally Balanced With The Help Of Grapho Therapy.

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Handwriting Analysis By Ms Kiran Jais. It Has Been A Learning Process For Me Through The Handwriting Analysis Done By Ms Kiran Jais. After Analyzing My Handwriting She Quite Amazingly Read On Most Of My Personal Traits Accurately. I Would Say, She Was 95% Dot On Target. While She Read Out My Personal Traits On A One On One Session, It Was Like Someone Showing My Life Story On A Vivid Screen. Kudos To Her. I Wish Her All Success In Her Future Endeavors.

Indranil Banerjee, Hyderabad

Joint Registrar At Icfai

I Thank Kiran, Wholeheartedly For Bringing Change In Me Through Graphology. When I Heard About It I Thought It Might Be Just A Practice Of Letters But, To My Surprise It Revealed The Personality Of Mine. Then I Realized Handwriting Plays An Important Role In Our Life. Kiran Explained The Concept Of Graphology Therapy Which Had Changed The Perspective Of Mine. Thank You🌹 Kiran From Bottom Of Heart For Revealing This Wonderful✨😍 Therapy 💐👍-

Krishna Kumari, Hyderabad


The Handwriting Analysis Which Was Done By Ms. Kiran Was Almost Correct. She Detailed Each And Everything With Lots Of Patience. I, Initiilay, Was Confused When She Told She Was Going To Read My Handwriting. But When She Started Explaining The Details About My Handwriting Left Me Speeechless. I Felt Excited To Know About Numerous Facts About My Handwriting. A Big Thanks To Ms.Kiran

Priya Darshani Thota, Hyderabad

Teacher At Samashti International School

Hi. My Name Is Kiran Jais .

I Am Kiran Jais. I Have Been A Teacher For 7 Years. I Have Always Wanted To Be Able To Read The Mind Of The Youngest Generation Who, Themselves Find It Difficult To Express What’s On Their Mind. Analyzing Their Handwriting Would Be One Of The Major Tool To Figure Out Their Emotions And Help Them To Be Emotionally, Mentally And Physically Healthy.

I Would Also Like To Do The Same With The Older Generations. This Has Been The Main Reason For Being A Professional Handwriting Analyst.


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