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Kavita Narayan

B.A. English

My Mission Is To Spread To People Across The Globe The Efficacy Of Handwriting Analysis. I Want To Make This A Career, One That Would Not Only Help Me But Would Also Give Me The Satisfaction Of Being Able To Help Others.

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The Analysis Done By Kavita Was Quite Good. She Has A Very Thorough And Detail Oriented Approach. Some Of The Specific Personality Traits That Came Out In The Analysis Were Also Considerably Accurate. She Also Shared Some Valuable Tips For Improvement. Overall It Was A Great Experience.

Sangeeta, Hyderabad


The First Question I Asked Her Was Did You Find Out All This Just From My Handwriting. When She Said Yes, I Was Truly Amazed. That Was When I Truly Realised The Power Of Graphology.

Vijayakumar, Bangalore


I Found The Analysis Of My Handwriting To Be Quite Accurate. What Amazed Me The Most Is That You Hardly Know Me Yet From My Handwriting To Have Told Me So Many Things Accurately. I Have Also Been Told About My Weaknesses. I Honestly Appreciate Your Efforts.

Ramya, Bangalore


Hi. My Name Is Kavita Narayan .

The Biggest Gift That Graphology Has Brought In My Life Is Hope. It Has Also Boosted My Self Confidence And Made Me Realize That In Life It Is Never Too Late For A New Beginning.

A New Beginning Which Is Not Only Helping Me Immensely In Building A Career For Myself But Will Also Give Me The Satisfaction Of Being Able To Bring A Positive Change In The Life Of Others.

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