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Kantheti Vinaya

MA (English Literature) & MBA (HR)

My Mission Is To Share This Knowledge With Maximum Number Of People And Enrich Their Lives. To Help People Identify And Overcome Behavioural Issues By Means Of Graphotherapy And Counseling.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

I Was Unaware Of Such A Scientific Method Like Handwriting Analysis, Until I Came Across Vinaya And Got My Handwriting Analysis Done From Her. I Was Spell Bound To Know That A Lot Of Personality Traits Could Be Identified Based On Hand Writing, Which Also Helped In Understanding Myself In A Much Better Way, So That I Could Overcome My Weaknesses. Analysis By Mrs. Vinaya In Many Instances, For My Friends, Aquaintances, Students And Also Family Members, Had Shown Almost 99% Accuracy. I Am Sure That In Future, She Will Help The Needy, With Her Handwriting Analysis And Make Them Into Better Individuals.

Dr. K Lalith Prakash Chandra, Guntur

Dentist & Professor

I Was Amazed To Know About This Parallel Field, Graphology & Graphotherapy. I Was Even More Intrigued To See The Analysis Of My Handwriting Done By Mrs. Vinaya. This Experience Gave Me A Much Better Insight About Such Other Fields Which May Be Of Use To The Needy People To Help Them Mould Their Personalities, By Overcoming Their Behavioural Weaknesses. I Wish Mrs. Vinaya, All The Very Best In Her Future Endeavours.


On Analysing Different People’s Handwriting I Could Identify Their Areas Of Improvement Along With Their Fears And Defences. I Could Add Value To Their Lives. I Assisted Them In Making The Desired Changes Through Graphotherapy And Counseling.

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