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Kamlesh Mehta


My Mission Is To Reach Out Millions Of Students And Help Them To Understand Their Personality, Their Strength And The Areas Of Improvement It Will Help Them For The Betterment Of Their Future

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Dear Kamlesh Sir, Thank You So Much For Taking Out Your Time Out Of Your Schedule To Analyze My Signature And Handwriting. Through This I Have Known My Flaws And Strengths. Your Accuracy Related To My Personality Just Seeing Through My Handwriting Was Unbelievable. I Will Surely Keep In Mind The Things You Have Told Me To Change For The Betterment. I Could Never Believe A Handwriting Could Tell So Much But Your Analysis Has Made Me Believe So. Once Again I Am Thankful –

Subhash Agrawal, Gurugram


I Have Always Thought I Have An Amazing Handwriting Never Thought There Could Be Flaws In It Too. Thank You Kamlesh Uncle For Teaching Me How To Correct Them. I Have Already Started Working On Your Analysis. I Was Shocked Seeing That Your Handwriting Can Tell So Much About You. Whatever You Analysed About Me Was 95% True. I Am Really Happy Looking At Your Analysis And I Am Looking Forward To More Such Analysing Sessions With You

Pragati Mehta, Ahmedabad


First Of All I Thanks To You For My Writing Analysis Which Is Done By You Is Completely Unbelievable All Facts Are Exactly Correct And Matched With My Personality Really I Don’t Know About It Earlier But Now I Feel That Your Talent Is Appreciable And You Told Me Every Hidden Fact Of My Personality Which Is Not Known By Me But This Is In My Life And A Part Of Of My Failure In Life But Now I Got My Weakness.Thank You So Much Sir For Your Efforts,

Himani Mehta, Ahmedabad


Hi. My Name Is Kamlesh Mehta .

From Last 5-6 Years I Was Searching For Handwriting Analyst, One Day I Found Imran Sir Scientific Signature Webinar And I Just Joined It And I Was So Much Impressed Seeing His Energy Level His Knowledge, And I Decided To Make Graphology As My Journey And Help And Coach People Just Like Him

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