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Kalyani Manish Khambe

M.Sc. B.Ed.

I Am On A Mission To Help People Around Me Understand Personality Traits In A Very Simple And Scientific Way Using Handwriting As A Basis So That They Can Understand Themselves Better And Work On Overcoming The Shortcomings And Enhancing Their Strengths To Live A Very Successful, Happy And Stress-Free Life.

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The Handwriting Analysis Done Was Very Accurate And Never Knew That My Handwriting Will Be Able To Explain So Many Traits Of My Personality And With So Much Accuracy. Thanks Kalyani.

Manish, Bangalore


I Have Heard Of Handwriting Analysis Before But Never Tried It. But When I Finally Did This Time, I Was Pleasantly Surprised. The Analysis Was Very Accurate And Captured How I View Myself. It Is Quite Amazing How So Much Can Be Understood About A Person Just From A Few Paragraphs Of Writing. I Would Recommend Everyone To Try This To Understand Themselves Better And Improve Their Personality.

Chaitanya Pinneboina, Bengaluru

Marketing Manager

Thank You So Much, This Was Really Helpful. It Fascinates Me To Discover How Elements Of One’s Personality And Behavior Can Be Exhibited In One’s Handwriting. Most Of The Said Things Are Matching To My Nature And Personality. This Gave Me A Good Insight.

Sateesh C S, Bangalore


Hi. My Name Is Kalyani Manish Khambe .

My Love And Interest To Write Beautifully Motivated Me To Start My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst. But, As I Started Doing This, I Realized That Handwriting Is A Much More Powerful Communication Tool Than What I Thought. It Is More About Knowing One’s Inner Self. It Helped Me A Lot To Know About My Personality.

After Analyzing A Few Samples Of My Close Family Members, Friends And Sharing The Findings With Them, I Was Really Surprised To Realize That All Of Them Found The Analysis Almost 100% Accurate.

Their Positive Feedback Assured Me That This Is A Very Simple And Scientific Approach Which People Can Understand Very Easily And So They Will Be Interested To Use This Method To Know Themselves Better.

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