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Kalpna Bisaria

MA, B.Ed., Teacher, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healer, Sound Healer, Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Analytical Therapist

I Am On A Mission To Reach Out To More And More Souls To Empower Them And Bring A Transformation In All Areas. I Aim To Help Everyone Live Their Best Healthy, Happy And Fulfilling Lives.

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I Found The Concept Of Handwriting Analysis Very Fascinating. After She Analyzed My Sample, I Learned That Many Things She Said About Me Were True And Many Others That Were Pointed Out Were Also Applicable, But I Didn’t Even Know About Them. I Would Encourage Everyone To Get Their Handwriting Analyzed So They Can Learn How To Improve Some Areas Of Their Lives They Want To Work On.

Suhina, New Delhi


At First, I Didnt Quite Understand The Concept, But Once I Gave In My Writing Sample And Got Feedback On It I Realised How Deep This Study Runs As My Analysis Came To Be Quite Correct And I Soon Wanted To Know More About Myself And The Study Of Graphotherapy Itself. It Can Help Us Improve Our Relationships With People And With Ourselves And Change The Way We Perceive The World Only Because We Understand Ourselves Better. I Am Motivated To Work On My Improvement Areas And Have Asked For A Practice Book That I Can Begin Practicing In.

Megha B, Mumbai

Assistant Director

The Graphology Analysis Shared By Her Was Quiet Accurate. The Way She Puts It Up Point Wise Helps One To Understand The Character Deeply. Appreciate The Insights Provided Along With Area Of Improvements. Beyond This, She Also Helped To Understand That Handwriting Also Evolves Along With Our Age And Character.

Nandini Ponia, New Delhi


Hi. My Name Is Kalpna Bisaria .

My Journey As An Analyst Helped Me Widen My Perspective. Grapho-Therapy Has Enabled Me To Enhance My Personality, Thereby Promoting Self Awareness. I Took On This Mission To Give Back To The Society And To Help People Understand The Niche Areas Of Their Lives That Can Be Changed For The Better Just By Modifying Their Handwriting.

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