Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Jyotsna Tandi

Post-Graduate In Human Resource Management

I Want To Share This Science Of Writing With Every Individual Whom I Interact With. And Through This Science I Want To Heal And Help Them Flourish In Their Life. Guide Them To The Path Of Self-Discovery And Self-Development.

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It’s Amazing! Many Of The Things Mentioned Resonated With My Idea Of Self. I Am Happy To Agree With The Assessment And Will Also Be Using It As A Blueprint On What I Need To Work On So As To Become A Better Version Of Myself. I Thank You For The Assessment And Would Rate The Accuracy As 95% (Encouraging You To Give And Even More In Depth Analysis).

Saher Kapdi, Toronto

Ph.D Student

It Is Amazing On Seeing Your Analysis. Shocked At First Since All Your Analysis Report Were 100% Accurate. But Still, We Cannot Understand How You Can Say This Much Accurately.

Rupa Pandey, Mumbai

Financial Analyst

I Am Very Impressed With This. I Found It Fascinating And Educational. Incredible. Accurate. Just Superb!!!! Thank You For Revealing What My Writing Reveals About Me. Thank You Very Much.

Varsha, Bangalore

Clothing/Fashion Industry

Hi. My Name Is Jyotsna Tandi.

When I First Came Across This Concept I Didn’t Believe That Just By Handwriting Can Unfold So Much About Someone’s Personality And Behavior. I Was So Intrigued By It And Wanted To Learn This Science.

After Learning This Science I Realized, We Bear Multiple Talents And Natural Abilities, Which If Channelized Well Could Do Us Wonders. Graphology And Grapho-Therapy Has Tremendous Scope For Self-Improvement And Self-Development.

Before We Read The World, We Have To Read And Know Ourselves.

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