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Jyotika Tayal

Certified Graphologist

I Would Like To Help At Least 500 People In Transforming Their Lives To Improve The Quality Of Life And Health. In The Process I Will Generate A Second Income For My Family.

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Hand Writing Analysis To Predict A Person’s Nature / Trait Was A New Concept For Me. I Wrote One Page Out Of Curiosity To Know It’s Potential. To My Amazement Mrs. Jyotika Tayal Analyzed My Nature 90% Correct. I Knew Many Things About Myself But Didn’t Acknowledge Them. Mrs. Jyotika Advised Me To Make Some Minor Changes In My Handwriting Which May Help Me To Improve On My Weaknesses. Looks Good And Exciting. Will Definitely Work On The Advice Given To Further Improve My Personality Traits. Great Job. I Appreciate And Wish Mrs. Jyotika Tayal All The Best In Her Endeavors..

Ajay Gupta, Muscat Oman

DGM At A Petroleum Refinery

I Had Always Heard About Handwriting Analysis But Never Had The Courage To Get It Done As I Do Not Consider Mine To Be Among Good Ones And Somewhere Had The Fear That It May Not Reveal My True Self. However This Analysis Has Proven Me Totally Wrong. I Was Quite Surprised As To How Jyotika Ma’am Could Relate So Closely To My Personality Traits. The Accuracy Level Was Quite High And Ofcourse That’s The Reason I Look Forward To Improving Upon My Ts And Ds Over A Period Of Time, So As To Evolve And Get Better. Thank You

Gayatri Dudeja, New Delhi

School Teacher

The Concept Of Handwriting Analysis Was New And Unexplored For Me. Majority Of The Analysis She Did Was Correct (More Than 90%). Analysis Of Some Behaviours Took Me By Surprise Because They Were Such Deep Rooted Behavioral Patterns. After She Analyzed My Sample, I Learned The Places I Could Work On That Would Improve Myself And Help Me Instill Qualities Within Myself That I Always Wanted To Grow. I Have Already Started Working On That. I Think Everyone Should Definitely Get This Done. We Come To Know About Some Patterns That Can Be Changed With Conscious Effort To Bring Desirable Changes In Our Behaviour.

Shabnam Sharma, New Delhi


Hi. My Name Is Jyotika Tayal.

I, Jyotika Tayal Am A Teacher By Profession. I Wanted To Help People Always. I Came Across This Science And Found It Very Interesting And Thought Provoking. So I Decided That I Should Work With People In Improving Their Lives.
So I Took Up This Mission Out Compassion For Students And Colleagues.

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