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Jyoti Sharma

Certified Handwriting Analyst And Grapho Analytical Therapist

I Am On My Way To A Mission To Enable People To Identify Their Strengths And Overcome Their Challenges With The Help Of Graphotherapy . I Wish To Inspire People Especially Students For Lifelong Love With Their Handwriting And Be Successful.

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I Am Amazed And Rather Spell- Bounded By The Expert Grapho Analysis Done By Mrs Jyoti Sharma. She Could Skillfully Analyze Various Key- Points Of My Personality, Giving Insightful Reviews About The Strengths And Weaknesses. Her Guidance Has Provided Me Much Needed Information To Aim For A Better Future. Kudos For A Splendid Job Mrs. Sharma.

Rachna Puri , Dubai


Thank You So Much Mrs. Jyoti Sharma For Insightful Study Of My Handwriting. I Was Amazed To Know That Our Handwriting Can Reveal A Lot About Our Personality Traits. The Analysis Of My Handwriting Done By Mrs Jyoti Sharma Matches More Than 95 % Of My Personality Traits In Real Life. A Detailed Explanation Of My Strengths And Weaknesses Will Definitely Help Me To Move Forward In Life With Much More Positive Affirmation And Confidence.

Shilpa Sawhney, Dubai


It Is Incredible How Efficiently One Can Find Out A Person’s Personality Traits Based On What
They Write. With The Help Of Jyothi Ma’am And Her Amazing Talent For Graphotherapy, I
Have Been Made Aware Of My Strong Suits And Weaknesses. Knowing This Will Shape All
Young Minds Into Being Their Better Selves. Thank You Once Again Mam.

Anish Sood, Dubai


Hello Everyone I Am Jyoti Sharma.

As A Handwriting Analyst, I Feel Like I Have Dived Into Deep Ocean Of Science . It Brings Out An Understanding On Who You Are And How You Appear To The World, Its A Science Of Knowing Your Self Deep Inside And Take Action Using Your Pen To Acheive Your Life Goals.

Graphotherapy Has Helped Me A Lot To Analyse My Own Personality And Understand Myself Better And Helped Me To Overcome My Low Esteem And My Fears . It Has Given Me A Insight Towards My Future And My Dream To Help People In Need Through Graphotherapy.

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