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Joy Prakash Ghosh

Certified Handwriting Analysts, B.Com With Post Graduate Diploma In Business Managment.

I Am Pretty Sure That, Through My Knowledge Of Graphotherpy, I Will Help To All My Community, Friends & Other People As Well As Specially Parents Of School Students.

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I Just Recently Got To Know That Hand Writing Can Tell You So Much About You And Your Personality Traits And What Was Even More Awestrucking To Me Was To Know The Fact That It Can Help You Improve Those Personality Traits. All Thanks To My Uncle Mr. Joy Prakash Ghosh Who Introduced Me To This Wonderful Universe I Infact Submitted A Handwriting Peice To Him. He Analysed It And I Was Surprised That 80% Of What He Told Me About Me Was Actually True And I Am Looking Forward To Working With Him On How I Can Practise The Right Techniques So That I Can Improve Upon Some Of My Personaloty Traits That I Really Don’t Like About Myself And Hone Upon Those That Are Good. Thanks To Him.

Manvendra Singh, Delhi

Jaipur, R&D Engineer Senra

I Recently Had The Incredible Opportunity To Meet Mr. Joy Prakash Ghosh, And I Must Say That My Experience With Him Has Been Truly Eye-Opening. His Profound Knowledge Of Handwriting Analysis Has Completely Changed My Perspective On Self-Improvement And Personal Growth. After Submitting A Sample Of My Handwriting To Mr. Ghosh, I Was Astounded By The Accuracy With Which He Deciphered My Personality Traits. It Was As If He Had Peered Into The Depths Of My Soul And Unveiled Aspects Of My Character That I Had Never Consciously Acknowledged Before. His Analysis Was Remarkably Precise, Hitting The Mark With An Astonishing 80% Accuracy. Mr. Ghosh’s Expertise And Passion For Handwriting Analysis Are Truly Unmatched. His Ability To Unravel The Hidden Intricacies Of One’s Character Through A Simple Handwritten Piece Is Nothing Short Of Remarkable. His Deep Understanding Of The Connection Between Handwriting And Personality Has Inspired Me To Explore New Avenues For Personal Development. I Am Eager To Continue Working With Him To Further Refine My Personality Traits And Harness My Strengths To Achieve Greater Success In Both My Personal And Professional Endeavors. With Deepest Gratitude,

Jayati Mukherjee, Jaipur


I Had The Privilege Of Connecting With Mr. Joy Prakash Ghosh, And I Must Say That His Expertise In Handwriting Analysis Has Been Nothing Short Of Life-Changing For Me. Through His Profound Understanding Of Handwriting And Its Correlation To Personality Traits, He Has Unlocked A World Of Self-Discovery And Personal Growth. After Sharing A Sample Of My Handwriting With Mr. Ghosh, I Was Astonished By The Accuracy Of His Analysis. He Revealed Aspects Of My Personality That Resonated Deeply Within Me, Confirming The Profound Influence That Handwriting Holds Over Our Lives. His Insights Were Incredibly Accurate, With An Astounding 75-80% Alignment With My True Self. What Sets Mr. Ghosh Apart Is His Genuine Dedication To Helping Individuals Improve Their Personality Traits. Beyond His Insightful Analysis, He Has Provided Me With Tailored Techniques And Exercises To Work On The Areas Of My Personality That I Desire To Enhance. His Guidance Has Given Me A Clear Path Forward In My Journey Of Self-Improvement. Thank You, Mr. Ghosh, For Your Invaluable Guidance And Expertise. Sincerely,

Pallab Mukherjee Jamshedpur


Hi. My Name Is Joy Prakash Ghosh .

I Am Joy Prakash Born At Kolkata, Basically I Have Spent Most Part Of Journey Of My Life At Different Parts Of India, Like Bihar, Odissa, Punjab, Rajasthan Etc Having Experience Of More Than 34 Years In Different Fields. It Was Not Easy For Me At 60 Years Of Age & Doing Full Time Job & Spent Time At Home.

After That You Spent Own Time To Learn New Things. But I Am Blessed With Best Learning Platform & Very Good Mentor Like Imran Sir. When I Learnt Grapho Therapy I Felt That My Energy Level Became Too High. A Different Possitive Level Of Thinking Pattern Is Growing Day By Day.

I Am Feeling More Comfortable Than Earlier

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