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Jignesh Padhiyar

Professional Handwriting Analyst

Being A Professional Handwriting Analyst My Mission Is To Help Out 1 Million People To Help Them Identify Their Personality Traits Which Help Them Excel In Their Life.

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I’ve Been Never Aware Of Handwriting Analysis, Nor Do I Believe In It. However, Jignesh Told Me To Write Some Paragraphs For The Analysis, And I Did That. After Jignesh’s Analysis, I Find It Surprising That Handwriting Can Tell So Much About A Person’s Nature, Emotional States, Behavior Patterns, What They Like To Do And Don’t Do, Personality Traits, And Many Phenomenal Things. Things That He Mentioned Are Very Detailed, And Only I Know, Or Sometimes I Didn’t Even Know, Which Is Again Very Surprising And Also Helps To Carve Our Personality In A Very Specific Manner. I Find It Very Interesting And Helpful, And His Analytical Accuracy Is Somewhere Around 92% – 96%.

Jeet Suthar, Ahmedabad

Graphics Designer

The Feedback Which I Received From You That Is 100% True And I Really Appreciate Your Work That You’re Doing Right Now. Like How Can Someone’s Analysis Could Be So Correct. But I Will Highly Recommend To Everyone That Whatever Challenges You Are Facing Right Now You Should Must Connect Jignesh Because You’re The Most Positive Person I Have Ever Met.

Humera Shaikh, Ahmedabad

Hr Professional

Kudos! First Ever Time, My Handwriting Get Analayzed And I Shocked. When I Came To Know My Handwriting Analysis From Jignesh Padhiyar, Its 100% True. The Analysis Related My Life, My Nature And Whatever The Points Jigneshbhai Told Me, Everything Is 100% Perfect And Accurate. I Like To Thanks Jignesh Padhiyar To Participate Me In This, And Provided Perfect Analysis. I Am Very Excited To Know How This Works! Hope Jigneshbhai Will Share Some Knowledge About This With A Cup Of Tea!

Jaimin Patel, Ahmedabad

Digital Creator

Hi. My Name Is Jignesh Padhiyar.

My Life Has Took Dramatic Twists After I Learn About Grapho-Therapy.

For An Example, Medical Science Suggest That One Should Take At Least 7-8 Hours Of Sleep. However, I Remain Fresh And Energized Even After Sleeping For 5 Hours.

I Want Others To Live A Fulfilled And Healthy Life.

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