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Jeevan Kumar Sharma

Masters In Pyschology, Bachelor Of Science And A Healer.

My Mission Is To Empower One Million People To Rediscover The Beauty And Power Of Writing, Unlocking Their Full Potential For A Successful Future. Together We Can Uncover Hidden Talents, Strengths, And Opportunities That Lead To Personal Growth. Join Me On This Journey Of Self-Discovery, One Stroke At A Time.

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Hi Jeevan Sir, My Sincere Gratitude To You For The Handwriting Analysis You Did For Me🙏. The Analysis Has Provided Me With Valuable Insights And Has Given Me A Great Understanding Of Myself. I Could Resonate With Your Analysis So Well. I Really Appreciate The Time And Effort You Put Into My Handwriting Analysis . Your Insights Into My Personality Were Very Helpful, And I Will Definitely Use Them To Improve Myself.🙂 I Truly Appreciate Your Willingness To Answer All My Questions. It Was Very Inspiring For Me When You Answered All My Queries And Gave Solutions. Once Again, Thank You So Much For Your Help. I Would Be Happy To Recommend Your Services To Others And Look Forward To Working With You On Graphotherapy.. Regards

Nitasha, Delhi


Dear Jeevan, Thanks For The Wonderful Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy, Which Has Brought A Meaningful Change In My Life. Your Expertise And Knowledge Of Handwriting Analysis Have Proved To Be Magical To Me, And I Cannot Thank You Enough For Your Guidance. Through Graphotherapy, I Have Been Able To Identify Negative Personality Traits That Were Holding Me. The Practical Exercises We Did Are Very Helpful In Reducing My Restlessness And Fears, Improved My Concentration, And Enhance My Positive Qualities. I Have Started Being More Responsive Than Reactive To Other’s Behaviour And Actions. I Truly Acknowledge Your Commitment To Help Me Achieve My Goals. You Have Not Only Provided Me With Practical Tools And Techniques But Also Offered Me Precious Insights Into My Personality. I Will Always Be Grateful To You For The Positive Impact You Have Created In My Life. My Heartfelt Gratitude

Hi Jeevan Sir, It Was Soo Amazing To Connect With You On My Handwriting Analysis. Initially I Was Little Nervous And Wondered If It Was Necessary. But When Our Session Started, I Immediately Felt At Ease With You And Was Soo Much Interested To Know More Insights About Myself. Your Analysis Was About 97% Accurate For Me. Sir, You Were Extremely Good At Explaining Everything And Guided Me To Work On Soo Many Behavioral Aspects Of My Personality. It Was A Marvelous Experience And I Feel Grateful To Have Met You.. With Your Guidance, I Can Now Work On Improving Myself. Thanks To God For Connecting Me To You. Thanks Once Again I Feel More Self-Aware And Confident In Myself. I’m Grateful For Your Analysis And Feel Fortunate To Have My Handwriting Analysis Done By You. Thanks

Dhara, West Bengal

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Hi. My Name Is Jeevan Kumar Sharma .

Greetings, I Am Jeevan Kumar Sharma, A Professional Handwriting Analyst And Psychologist. I Consider It A Privilege To Be Associated With This Incredible Science That Has Transformed My Life And Allowed Me To Help Others Explore Their Strengths, Hidden Talents, And Areas For Improvement.

My Passion Lies In Promoting Psychological Well-Being, And I Have Found A Unique Way To Achieve This By Combining Psychology And Handwriting Analysis. Through This Work, I Am Devoted To Giving Back To Society, My Nation, And The World.

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