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Jayesh Adhia

Agile Coach And Transformation Leader

As A Handwriting Analyst, I Am On A Mission To Unveil The Silent Narratives Written On Paper By 50,000 Individuals. I Strive To Decode Their Messages That Shape Their Personalities, Health, Relationships And Life Paths. My Commitment Is To Provide Each One Of Them A Self-Discovery Needed To Navigate Their Personal As Well As Professional Journeys By Scripting Their Own Narratives With Authenticity, Clarity And Purpose.

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Hi Jayesh, I Was Pleasantly Surprised By The Results Of The Handwriting Analysis You Conducted For Me. The Accuracy And Depth Of Your Insights Were Truly Impressive. While Some Aspects Confirmed What I Already Knew About Myself, Others That I Had Not Noticed Until Now, Were Enlightening And Allowing Me To Connect Them With Certain Behavioral Patterns. I Must Admit, I Was Initially Skeptical About Sharing My Handwriting, But After The Analysis, If I Were To Summarize My Experience In One Word, It Would Be “Impressed.” I Highly Recommend You To Anyone Curious To Explore The Unknown Facets Of Their Personality Through Handwriting Analysis.

Narendra Thakkar, Pune

IT Professional

We Need Mirror To See How We Look From Outside, But Graphology Can Show You Real Picture Of What You Are From Inside. Guys, It Was Fun & An Interesting Experience Of Getting To Know My Myself Better! Got To Know A Lot About The Meaning Behind Various Details Of My Handwriting Which Actually Reflected My Personality, Self-Esteem And How I Felt (My Feelings) While Writing. I Must Appreciate You, Mr. Jayesh For Your Bang On Analysis And The Way You Put It In Front Of Me. I Surely Will Recommend You To All My Family And Friends To Do Their Handwriting Analysis And Grapho-Therapy. Cheers!

I Found Jayesh Very Focused On The Subject. Jayesh Helped Me To Do My Handwriting Analysis And His Accuracy Was 90% Which I Will Say Is Quite Good If We See It As A Science. I Never Knew That There Are So Many Attributes Of Personality To One’s Handwriting. Jayesh Explained To Me How Handwriting Is A Visual Interpretation Of A Person’s Nature And How We Can Analyze Our Strong Points And Weak Points. For Our Strong Or Positive Points, We Do Not Need Help, But Jayesh’s Knowledge Comes In Play When It Comes To Working On The Improvement Areas. I Definitely Recommend Jayesh To One And All Who Wish To Analyze Their Handwriting And Bring Improvements In Their Lives.

Kedar P, Pune

IT Professional

Hi, I Am Jayesh Adhia, Your Handwriting Analyst!

I Am An Agile Coach And A Transformation Leader Having Done Lots Of Transformations In The Ways Of Working For A Lot Of Software Development Teams In Many Organizations. However, I Never Knew How Powerful The Science Of Handwriting Analysis Is Until I Experienced It Myself – You Meet The Real You Within.

But Wait, Is Knowing The Real You Just Enough? Wouldn’t You Want To Take Your Aura To The Next Level Personally And Professionally By Improving What Is Required And That Too By Doing It Yourself? The Real Magic Starts Now! I Have Applied The Science On Me And Not Only Experienced The Very Positive Changes Within, But Also Equally Been Told By My Family, Friends And Colleagues. The Moment They Knew How I Transformed Myself, They Also Began Their Own Transformation Through My Handwriting Analysis Services And Grapho-Therapy.

My Own Transformation And With A Motive Of Giving Back To The Society, I Am Now On A Mission To Add Values In Other People’s Life Through Graphology And Grapho-Therapy.

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