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Jaya Chandra

Master NLP Practitioner, Inner Wellness Coach, Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Sr. Manager Training & Development, Certified IIM Executive Program

Empowering Lives Through The Written Words. My Mission Is To Revolutionize Handwriting’s Potential, Inspiring 10 Lakh Individuals In 5 Years To Unlock Their True Selves, Embrace Self-Expression, And Create Positive Change. As Grapho Analytical Therapists, I Want To Provide Education, Guidance, And Support, Empowering Individuals To Shape Their Destinies And Transform The World Through The Power Of Their Own Writing.

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I Anuradha Shinde Like To Share My Experience Of Handwriting Analysis Feedback With Jaya Chandra ! Firstly I Would Like To Scale This Experience : 9 Out Of 10 ,Below Are Couple Of Reasons For The Same . She Has Shared The Feedback In 5 Different Parameters Like Base Personality, Thinking Pattern ,Relationships, Fears & Defence ,Strength! All The Pointers Are 100 % Correct There Is No Chance To Deny On Any Feedback ! One Big Eye Opener For Me Was My Frank & Blunt Nature . I Willingly Ready To Work On Area Of Improvement ! Hoping For 100% Positive Result ! Thanks A Ton !


Anuradha Shinde, Navi Mumbai

Asst. Manager Training & Development

I’m Thrilled To Share My Experience With Jaya, Who Provided An Insightful Handwriting Analysis For Me. Her Analysis Was Impressively Accurate, Hitting The Mark About 90% Of The Time! The Remaining 10% Provided Valuable Insights For Me To Evaluate And Reflect On, Which I Deeply Appreciate. I’m Grateful For Her Efforts And Expertise, And I’m Genuinely Interested In Further Refining My Handwriting Habits With Her Guidance.

Learning About Handwriting & Its Influence On Personality Development With Jaya Was An Eye-Opening Experience! Her Guidance With Handwriting Analysis Provided Deep Insights Into My Personality And Behavior That I Never Realized Were Reflected In My Writing. She Observed My Handwriting And Recommended That I Get My Analysis Done One Day — I Was Given A Paragraph To Write And Within A Few Days I Was Given My Analysis — She Walked Me Through My Key Strengths, Weaknesses, Areas Of Improvement. Most Of The Things Said About Myself Were Bang On And In Line With My Personality. With Keen Observation And Thorough Analysis, Jaya Will Be Able To Guide Me To Improve My Handwriting And Therefore Move Towards Personal Growth. I Highly Recommend Jaya To Anyone Seeking A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves Through Handwriting Analysis.

Sneha Shenoy, Mumbai

Asst. Brand Manager

Hi. My Name Is Jaya Chandra

Harnessing The Power Of Words, I Have Witnessed The Profound Impact Of Handwriting On Personal And Professional Growth. Each Stroke Holds The Potential To Create Magic, Empowering Individuals To Achieve Their Desired Results In Life.

Personally, I Have Experienced A Remarkable Transformation – I Am Now Energized, Decisive, And Proactive. Inspired By This Journey, I Have Embraced The Role Of A Handwriting Analyst, Driven To Empower Others And Guide Them Towards Their Own Life-Changing Transformations.

Together, We Will Unlock The Hidden Potential Within, Unleashing A World Of Limitless Possibilities Through The Art Of Handwriting Analysis.


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