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Jalpa Desai

Pharmacist, Master In Clinical Psychology, Healer, Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho- Analytical Therapist

My Mission Is To Aware People Consciously About Their Unconscious Behaviour Pattern & Make Them Better Version Of Themselves Just Using By Pen And Pencil To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Life.

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I Found Very Much Ok Almost 98%Ok In Your Analysis Of My Handwriting I Found Real Character Of Mine In Your Analysis My Character Got Words And Description In Your Analysis Some Shocking But True Analysis Also Done Which Is I Don’t Aware Much But It Is Within Me I Also Found Great Way To Improvement In My Self While Working On The Following Up Of My Analysis I Am Also Surprised That You Have Just Started And Learnt This Art And Got A Great Results Which Is Almost Near To Actual One I Also Like To Give You Best Wishes And Great Success In Your Future Of This Art You Can Be A Part Of Many Improvement Of Those Who Go Through Your Analysis Thank You For Your Support In Finding Real Me In Mine 🙏

Piyush Joshi, Ahmedabad.


Hello Jalpa Mam Earlier U Gave Me A Paragraph For My Handwriting Analysis And You Did 95% Correct Analysis. I Was Totally Shocked Because We Are Totally Unknown To Each Other And What Ever You Told Me About My Handwriting Analysis It Was 95% Correct. Thank U So Much For This Great Experience And It Is Amazing. Thank You Mam🙏

Megha Rajput, Delhi

Home Engineer

Jalpa You Have Done Very Nice Handwriting Analysis. I Will Give You 97/100. You Had Done Very Precisely, Deep And Proper Descriptive Analysis Of My Handwriting. Thank You Very Much.

Dr. Nisha Upadhyay, Ahmedabad.

Md. Pediatrician

Hi. My Name Is Jalpa Desai .

I Have Around 12 Years Of Experience As A Pharmacist. I Always Searching For Way To Treat Patients Without Dependency Of Medicine. So During My Pharmacy Practice I Did Ma In Clinical Psychology Also. After Some Break Of My Career I Was Searching Something Which I Feel Connected, And I Became Healer.

I Think After Healing My Karma Devine Power Gave Me Opportunity To Learn This Science. This Science Changed My Prospective To See Towards A Simple Tool Pen & Pencil. Within Few Days Of Graphotherapy I Feel So Many Positive Changes Inside Me. For Me It Is Deep Like A Sea.

More I Get Into It, I Amazed With This Science. I Am Grateful For That Moment When I Decided To Learn It. I Want To Explore It So We Can Have Better Version Of Our Society.

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