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Hitesh Vinod Motwani

Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist

My Mission Is To Reach Out To 1 Million Individuals And Help Them Understand Their Personality By Identifying Their Strength And Overcome Their Fears And Defenses.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

Firstly When I Was Told To Write Something For My Handwriting Analysis, I Was Excited And Was Waiting For The Results..When Hitesh Was Sharing My Analysis Report With Me, It Was Amazing, How Accurate He Was About My Attitudes, My Qualities And My Personality, Even About My Past Life Experiences. I Was Amazed To Know That Graphotherapy Works With The Subconscious Mind To Make Changes In Your Personality Traits. As We Are Not Fully Known To Ourselves, So Handwriting Can Analyze Both Positive As Well As Negative Side. I Personally Recommend All To Get Their Handwriting Analysis Done. I Am Grateful To Have Had The Chance To Get My Handwriting Analyzed. Thank You So Much Hitesh And My Best Wishes To You!

Bharti Wadhwani, Akola


I Would Simply Say That It’s A Wonderful Science. Can’t Believe Studies Have Gotten So Far That You Could Tell So Much About A Person Just By Looking At Their Handwriting. When Hitesh First Told Me About It, I Didn’t Believe It Much. I Thought It Will Be A Generalized Idea. But Then When He Actually Shared The Results With Me, I Was So Shocked That Some Of The Traits Were So Precise. I Wish All The Luck To Hitesh And Keep Surprising Everyone With His Study.

Komal Motwani, Akola

Mbbs Student

My Experience About Getting My Handwriting Analysed Is Absolutely Splendid! It’s Indeed Astonishing To Believe That So Much Could Be Decoded From The Handwriting Of A Person. I Found A Lot Of Traits Matching My Personality Although I’m Still Into Discovering Many Of Them. The Best Part Is That We Can Change Our Traits Through Graphotherapy Which I Think Will Definitely Gain Good Recognition In The Future. All The Analysts Are Doing A Great Job And My Best Wishes To Everyone!

Tanu Motwani, Mumbai

Mbbs Student

Hi. My Name Is Hitesh Vinod Motwani.

This Is Hitesh Vinod Motwani And Currently I Am Studying Law. I Always Loved The
Subject Of Psychology And Human Behavior In General And Always Had This
Curiosity-Why Do People Behave The Way They Behave. In My Academic Vicinity, I
Got A Hint Of This Science That Gradually Led Me To Actually Study This And Take It
To Next Level Of My Learning, In Addition To This When I Started Learning ,I Realized
Handwriting Analysis As An Activity Is Fun Beyond Imagination And It Is Not Just
Analyzing Handwriting But To Know And Accept The Way People Are And The Way
They Behave, Sometimes Even The Person Himself/ Herself Is Unaware Of Certain
Traits That They Own. And To Let Them Know Something Of Importance Or To
Actually Add Value To Their Lives, Move Them Inspire Them Is Something That Makes
Me Feel Contended And Adds Fuel To Everything That I Do In General. Imran Sir Has
Made Learning This Science So Easy And As An Activity Fun To Learn, His Energy Is
Contagious, Be It Live Sessions Or Recordings, U End Up Being Inspired!

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