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Hassaan Shaik

Digital Entrepreneur

I’m On A Mission To Add Values In The Beautiful And Passionate Lives Of 10 Million Students As Being A Handwriting Analyst Getting In Touch And Mentoring Them, Especially Helping Them In Achieving Their Heights And Fulfilling Their Dreams With A Great Enthusiasm And Passion Where They Will Inspire The Whole World With A Beautiful Quote
“A Dream That Can Be True With A Thought.”

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

I Enjoyed Listening To My Traits. Knowing About My Weakness And Areas To Improve Will Really Help Me In Becoming A Better Person. The Given Suggestions By Hassaan Were Quite Good And I’m Amazed At The Traits Observed Just By Analyzing Handwriting, As Most Of Them Were True. Overall The Analysis Was Awesome.

I Was Amazed To Hear The Traits That Was Shared By Mr. Hassaan Shaik And I Can Say With Surety That This Science Is Something Which Cannot Be Expressed In Words. I’m Thankful To Hassaan Brother For Helping Me In Suggesting The Best Letter Formations And Many More To Make My Personality Better.

Mr. Rahul Gupta, Entrepreneur


I Can Say That This Science Is The Best Way To Know About Himself/ Herself Much More Better. As Most Of The Traits Are Matching With What I’m Right Now And It Is Really Shocking And Amazing. Thank You Mr. Hassaan Shaik For Guiding Me To Know Myself Better And All The Suggestions That Was Suggested By You Will Be Taken Into Consideration To Make My Personality Better. This Science Tells Us How To Be A Good Human Being With All Those Requirements That Each And Every Person Should Have In This Current Generation. Quite Impressed With This Analysis And The Science.

Ms. Ayesha, Digital Entrepreneur


A Journey As A Professional Hand Writing Analyst With Curiosity:

My Journey To Become A Professional Hand Writing Analyst Started With A Curiosity Through One Incident By Which I’ve Enrolled Myself Into The First Stage Of 3 Days “The First Step” Program To Know “Is This Science Really Capable Of Telling The Personality Of A Person Looking Into Their Hand Writing?” And I’ve Got To Know That Yes It Can Do Wonders In The Life Which Made My Mind To Join The Professional Program Also To Get Deeper In This Field And Now Here Is The Time Comes Entering Into A New Step Of Carrier Life As Being A Professional Handwriting Analyst. In This Journey Of Being A Student To A Professional Hand Writing Analyst, What I’ve Observed Is That “This Science Is Something Where We Can Get To Know Ourself Much Better And Has A Huge Impact On The Lives As Well”. I Genuinely Say That ‘This Program Add Much Value To Our Precious Lives Than What We Have Paid For.’

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