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Gunjika Vishwanath Misra

Professional Handwriting Analyst | Girls & Women Home Security Coach | National President - Home & Security Council, WICCI | Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Expert

I Am On A Mission To Help 1,00,000 Men, Women And Children Find Their Way To Success In Health, Relationships And Profession By Analyzing Their Handwriting And Giving Them The Gift Of Graphotherapy. I Also Work With Organizations And Provide Handwriting Analysis Services To Help Them Build A Strong Team Unity And Professional Success Of Their Employees.

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Gunjika Is A Dependable Professional Whose Analysis Was Very Accurate. She Studied My Handwriting And Mentioned Several Precise Observations Of My Behaviours, Hidden Strengths, And Weaknesses, All Helping You Ponder Into Your Potential Areas Of Improvement. Highly Recommended For Corporate Bookings To Build Team Cohesion And Professional Development.

Aishwarya Das Pattnaik, New Delhi

Communications Expert

Gunjika, After Listening To Your Reviews I Was Stunned And Thought That I Was Talking To An Astrologer? You Perfectly Carved My Nature And Attitude Just By Analyzing My Handwriting. I Just Cannot Think Of That… For The First Time, I Have Gone Through Such An Analysis And Am Very Happy To Be A Part Of This Journey…. I Want To Give You 90/100…You Blow My Mind…It Will Take Me At Least 2 Days To Understand How This Could Have Happened By Just Analyzing My Handwriting… Best Of Luck For Your Future Endeavors… Thanks…😊😊

Aman Uday, Patna

Banking Professional

Thank You So Much For Your Great Analysis About Me And That Was Very Precious Analysis And Advice For Me Too. Your Analysis For My Handwriting Was Accurate. It Would Be Very Helpful For Me In Future, And It Will Support Me In Future To Correct Myself In Every Direction Where I Would Need To Go. Thank You So Much Again. I Would Like To Give You Ratings Of 92 Out Of 100. 😊🙏

Roshan Ravi, Patna


Hello & Namaste, My Name Is Gunjika Vishwanath Misra.

I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst Whose Life Has Been Changed By This Amazing Science. The Look Of Unbelievable Surprise On My Client’s Faces, As I Give Them Results Of Their Handwriting Analysis Make My Life Successful Everyday.

If You Want To Truly Improve Your Relationships, You Must Know This Beautiful Science. In The Handwritings Of My Relatives, I Am Seeing All Those Hidden Traits That Make Them So Uniquely Powerful. Respect In Relationships Has Gone Up Like Crazy For Me.

Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy Is The Path To Take If You Truly Believe That You Were Born To Serve And Make This World A Better Place.

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