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Gauravi C Naik

M.Sc, B.Ed Educator, Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho - Analytical Therapist

I Have Embarked On A Sacred Mission To Reach Out To The Millions Of Home Engineers And Working Professionals Looking For A Positive Change But Wondering Where To Start From.

I Use The Most Effective Power Of Handwriting Analysis And Graphotherapy To Empower Them With Perfect Self Awareness, To Tap Their True Potential And To Overcome Their Self Limiting Beliefs, Giving Them A Desirable Edge To Surge Forward.

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First time I did my handwriting analysis through Gauravi Naik.. and really, whatever she told me about my qualities was 99.9% accurate.. I was surprised to see another person could figure out exactly what you are. Amazed with her analysis about my personality.. I recommended her to many of my friends so that they could realise where they stand and what can they do to improve themselves in life. It was a very satisfactory interaction with gauravi..  Thank you dear😊🙏  

Shweta Sawardekar, Goa


Miss Gauravi Naik Analysed my handwriting perfectly. Why I say perfectly is, each and every analysis done by her was absolutely correct. She could identify some aspects of my behaviour which I rarely expose to others. I was surprised by her detailed studies made through my handwriting which revealed my behaviour exactly how I am. I would like to complement her on her patience and the way she told me my good qualities and the areas where I need to improve. I would rate her analysis, 100 on 100. I would definitely recommend people to seek guidance under her so that one can really work on their pros and cons.. Thankyou Miss. Gauravi😘

Sandra Fernandes, Goa


I am very happy to learn about my own nature from handwriting analysis by  miss.Gauravi Naik…. She has perfectly analyzed my handwriting, when she was explaining my report to me I felt that someone has put a mirror in front of me, whatever she was telling about me was more than 100% true…I was amazed to learn my positive traits and weak points from her. I wish her great success in her future.  

Mugdha Gore, Kolhapur.


Hi. My Name Is Gauravi C Naik .

After learning this science of handwriting analysis, I learnt not only to analyse handwritings but also found a way to create a powerful personality using the science of graphotherapy.

I have achieved tremendous results after practicing graphotherapy. I have come a long way from not being happy with my handwriting to falling in love with my handwriting.

From the results I experienced in my life, I was confident that this science can help people to improve their lives. So, I decided to reach out to more people by becoming a professional handwriting analyst.

I am committed to help people transform their lives using the power of graphotherapy.


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