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Gargi Mukherjee

M.Phil, B.Ed, Edupreneur

My Mission Is To Reach Out To 1o Lakh Individuals By 2032 For Their Empowerment Through The Power Of Writing And Various Mind Tools To Transform Themselves.
I Want To Establish Myself As A Life Coach Using Graphotherapy And Pattern Breaking Techniques As Tools To Break Their Limiting Beliefs And Emerge As Achievers Who Have Taken Charge Of Their Lives Emotionally, Physically And Mentally.

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Gargi Evaluated My Handwriting Sample And I Was Amazed To Know 95% Of Her Assessments Were So Very Appropriate, Though She Did Not Know Me Personally. I Absolutely Recommend Her And Wish Her The Best In This Endeavour And Would Forward This Innovative Science To My Acquaintaces.

Aruna Banerjee, Bangalore


I Came To Know That Handwriting Is The Mirror Of Our Personality. I Never Thought That Our Characteristics Can Be Assessed So Well Through Our Handwriting. She Has Described My Traits So Accurately . I Give Her 9/10 For Her Handwriting Study Expertise. Thank You So Much For This New Addition To My Thinking. I Am Very Grateful For The Graphotherapic Tools Have Been Very Effective In Enhancing My Personality.

Abhirami, Pune


I Was Delivered My Handwriting Analysis Report By Gargi Mam. I Came To Know Many Facts About Myself Through This Analysis Done By Mam. My Gratitude To Him For Sharing This Analysis With 95% Accuracy. I Am Following The Recommendations To Practice For Developing My Personality. I Assign Her 95 Percent Accuracy For All Her Suggestions.

Sandeep Banerjee, Kolkata


Hi. My Name Is Gargi Mukherjee .

I Am An Educator Cum Life Coach Committed To This Insightful Scientific Journey Of Hand Writing Analysis And Am Well  Equipped To Help The World! This Is Truly An Experience Worth Having!.

I Have Become More Confident And Positive With A New Meaning Of Failure -Failing Means You Have Attempted And Are Ready For Your Next Attempt To Achieve The Goal.  By Learning Handwriting Analysis With Imran Sir At Global Penmanship, You Get To Know About How Your Mind Is Working And Thus Become A More Evolved Person By Setting Right What You Think Needs To Change Using Graphotherapy.

This Is Truly An Experience Worth Having! I Wish Everyone Abundance Through Your Handwriting In Your Journey Of Life.

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