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Ganesh M Sonawane

IT Professional

Using This Science, I Want To Help Kids And Youngsters To Know Themselves, Transform Their Lives And Also Help People To Live Happy And A Healthy Life.

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This Is The First Time I Have Done My Handwriting Analysis. Could Not Believe It Tells So Many Things About Myself And That Too At This Extent Of Accuracy. The Analysis Done For Me Is 85% Correct As It Is And Perfectly Matching To My Personality And Nature. Remaining 15% Is Also Not Completely Wrong But I Found It As Fluctuating As Per Situations And Degree Of Correctness Is Varies Corresponding To The Situation. Overall, I Could Say The Analysis Is Definitely Showing Myself As A Person I Am. The Analysis Presented Is Also Very Proper And Categorized Properly. It Gives My Overall Personality Details Along With My Strengths And Areas Of Improvements. So Very Well Done And Keep It Up. Thank You Ganesh.

Yogesh S, Bangaluru

It Professional

Thank You Ganesh, For The Perfect Analysis On My Handwriting, It Was 99% Correct As Per My Nature. My Strength My Weakness Was Very Perfectly Analysed. I Will Definitely Work On My Weakness. These Will Help Me To Improve Myself As Well As Will Help To Grow In My Career And To Achieve My Goals. Thanks To You To Make Me Think On Myself. It’s Really Amazing To Know The Strength, Weakness And Thinking By Handwriting Analysis. Thanking You,

Niraj Shinde, Panvel

Category Manager In Reliance

Hello Ganesh, Recently You Did My Handwriting Analysis. It Was Something New I Came To Know. The Analysis You Did Was Quite Resembling To My Nature And What I Do Normally. Most Of The Points You Mentioned, I Would Say Almost 90% Of The Point You Mentioned Were Matching With My Behavioural Pattern. The Points That I Still Remember Are – ‘Not Ready To Change’ Myself Or My Habits Easily, I Do Keep Going With Whatever Is Happening, Don’t Bother To Try Something New. One More Is Like You Mentioned I Do Lot More ‘Investigations’. Yes, I Agree I Do Have Habit To Do More Research, To Think On Pros And Cons, To Do Comparatives Of What Suits Better In Particular Situation. Overall, It Was Wonderful Experience. Thanks For Your Efforts In Analysing My Hand Writing. Wishing You A Great Success In This Journey. Thanks.

Ashish B, Nashik

IT Professional

Hi. My Name Is Ganesh M Sonawane .

The Journey Started Just Out Of Curiosity, Whether Can Handwriting Really Talks About A Person’s Traits. And It All Came True When I Learned And Analysed My Handwriting And Others As Well.

This Science Really Works, I Can See Many Positive Changes In Me And Want To Help People To Know It And Develop Their Personality.


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