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Farriya Zubair

Mba In Human Resource Management And Industrial Relations Handwriting Analyst And A Grapho Therapist

I Am On A Mission To Make The World A Better Place To Live In With Genuine Good People Around With My Profession

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“My Profession Involves Continuous Interaction With New People On A Regular Basis. During The Course Of These Discussions We Are Supposed To Exhibit Our Best Expressions And Behaviour. I Approached Farriya To Help Me Better Understand Myself Through My Writing And Then Work On Improving My Personality. The Results And The Learnings That I Got From Here Basis An Analysis Of My Handwriting Has Been Amazing. Farriya Is A Proficient Graphologists Who Uses A Mix Of Both Professional Skills And Personal Attributes To Help One Understand Her Personality Across Different Facets. “

Mohammad Saif , Gurugram

Partner-Power & Utilities At Ey

“Being A Doctor I Have Always Been Conscious About Handwritings. However, It Came As A Surprise To Me When Farriya Informed Me That Handwriting Can Tell About Your Inherent Personality Also. I Was Obviously Surprised And Shared My Writing Sample With Farriya For More Deep Dive. The Output Surprised Me Quite A Bit When Farriya Effortlessly Delayered My Personality With Her Hands On Skill In Graphology. I Seem To Have Become A Much Informed Person After My Session With Farriya. “

Dr S.Z Shafi , Bhopal

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Heard About Ms. Farriya Through A Professional Connect And Got Know To Her Interest And Insights On Handwriting Based Analysis. Out Of Curosity Had Shared 10 Lines In My Handwriting With Her. It Was Amazing And Astonishing To The Core To Know That The Person Who Has Never Seen Me, Never Spoken To Me Has Been Able To Articulate My Personality To That Accuracy Levels Just Looking At My Handwriting. Worth While To Acknowledge That Not Only The Basic Facts But My Fears And Strength Points (Which Largely Stays With In Me) Were Captured By Her. I Had 2-3 Telephonic Interactions With Her To Assess And Understand Measures To Bring Positivity Based On Handwriting And She Explained The Things In Detailed Manner To My Complete Satisfaction. She Heard Me With Complete Patience And Invested Significant Time On Me To Help Me Understand My Personality And Also To Accept The Facts Which I Keep On Declining Despite Their Very Much Presence. She Inspires Me To Be A Better Person And Can’t Hold For Long To Have Her As My Coach For Grapho Thearphy. Looking Forward.

Ankit Piplani , Gurugram

Vice President Ey Llp

My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst Has Been Magical And Transformational.

Analyzing My Handwriting Helped Me To Know Myself Better And Taking Grapho Therapy I Could Develop My Personality For The Better. Being A Handwriting Analyst Has Definitely Helped Professional As A Recruiter. I Am Now More Skilled To Guide My Client. I Took This Mission To Help Individuals In Knowing Themselves Better And Helping Them To Improve Their Personality For Better. Grapho Therapy Is Magic In Self Development

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