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Farhana Jahan

Certified Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho- Analytical Therapist, Nlp Associate Practitioner, Holistic Health Wellness Coach And Certified Healer

It’s Fascinating How Our Handwriting Reflects Our Traits And How This Beautiful Therapeutic Science Can Enhance Our Lives. My Mission Is To Empower One Million Lives Through The Enlightening Practice Of Handwriting Analysis And Grapho-Therapy. I Aim To Guide Individuals On A Journey Of Self-Discovery, Helping Them Uncover Their Strengths And Hidden Talents. This Journey Leads To A Healthier State Of Mind, Holistic Well-Being, Mental Clarity, And Personal Growth. My Ultimate Goal Is To Help People Discover Their Full Potential In Any Areas Of Their Life Including Health, Relationship, Career And Money For A Successful Future.

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Farhana, It Was Lovely To Get The Analysis From You. The Analysis Was 90-95% Accurate And I Was Surprised To Know That My Handwriting Can Give All These Information. It Was A Great Experience To Have My Handwriting Analyzed.

Anindita Panda, Surrey, BC Canada

Sap Basis Lead

At The Beginning Once We Started Talking About Grapho-Therapy, I Was Skeptical About The Potential Outcomes. However, Once Farhana Sent Me The Result, I Was Shocked. The Accuracy Of Her Analysis Was Over 95%. It Helped Me Develop A Deeper Understanding Of Self-Awareness. I Gained Insight Into My Traits, Strength And Areas Of Improvements.

Ava Heydari, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada,

Sap Security Lead

The Analysis Is Spot On! I Didn’t Think Much About Myself. But Looking At The Analysis I Understood How Accurate It Is! Really Interesting And Intriguing. Thank You For Introducing Me To Grapho Therapy! I Would Definitely Try To Work On My Stretches With Grapho Therapy Sessions With You.

Jinat Nasrin, Surrey, BC, Canada,

Teaching Assistant

Hi. My Name Is Farhana Jahan

I Am Deeply Grateful To My Mentors For Introducing Me To The Amazing Healing Science Of Handwriting Analysis And Grapho-Therapy.

My Journey As A Handwriting Analyst And Grapho- Analytical Therapist Has Been Incredibly Fulfilling, Providing Deep Insights Into My Strengths, Weaknesses, And Areas For Improvement. Through Grapho-Therapy, I Have Achieved Mental Clarity, Calmness, Self-Awareness, And Improved Mental And Emotional Well-Being.

My Passion Is To Promote Holistic Health And Well-Being As A Holistic Health Wellness Coach, Healer And Handwriting Analyst. Grapho-Therapy Plays A Significant Role In This Mission And Has Truly Given Me New Perspective Of Healing Holistically. My Aim Is To Empower At Least One Million Lives Through Grapho-Therapy.

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