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Dwwaipayan Chakraborty

Numerologist, Vaastu Expert, Graphotherapist

I am on a mission to help 1 Million people awaken their true potential and channel their lives properly using the applied sciences of Numerology, Vaastu and Graphology

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“My Handwriting Has Been Analysed By Mr. Dwwaipayan Chakraborty In Details And I Am Astonished That Every Bit Of It Came True To 100%. He Has Unfolded My Fears And Defences And Areas To Work On”. His Analysis Motivated Me And Gave Me The Inspiration To Do The 30-Day Graphotherapy Session From Him. Many Thanks To Him For This Eye-Opening Analysis.” –

Shibaani B Chakraborty, Kolkata

Retired Higher Secondary School Teacher

“I Have Not Seen This Kind Of Accuracy Before, Whatever Mr. Dwwaipayan Chakraborty Said Is 100% Correct & Accurate. He Is A Very Polite Person. He Listen The Problem Of A Person & Accordingly Give Solution & Advised To Do Graphotherapy To Me & It Actually Works Very Fine For Me. I Would Like To Say Thanks To Mr. Chakraborty For This.” –

Soumyya Mukkherjee, Kolkata


“Handwriting Has Been Analysed In Detail. Not Only It Has Been Discussed Indepth But Also Extra Information For The Benefit Of The Client Has Been Shared. Intricate Guidance Has Been Rendered Which Has Helped Me To Start Thinking On A Different Perspective. The Reading Was Extremely Helpful And Was An Eye-Opener.” –

Kasturie Chatterjee, Hyderabad


Hi, I Am Dwwaipayan Chakraborty

Numerologist, Vaastu Expert & Graphotherapist. As A Software Engineer And An Occult Field Specialist, It’s My Job To Guide Persons Who Come For My Consultation In A Better Way That Will Make Them Grow Effectively Very Fast.

In Today’s Era, No Doubt Numerology & Vaastu Is One Of Those Finest Tools Which Would Make You Achieve Your Desired Goals And Successes In Life. But Based On My Experiences, I Have Seen That Due To Some Mental Blockages (Due To Negative Thinking), We Revoke Ourselves From Taking The Desired Action At The Right Time Consistently.

By Analysing Your Handwriting Using The Science Of Graphology, I Can Get To Know The Subconscious Activity Especially The Negative Ones – Which Is Stopping You From Taking The Right Action. Graphotherapy Is One Of The Easiest And Safest Tools Which Can Scoop Out The Negative Thinking And Beliefs From The Root Level Of Your Subconscious Mind Scientifically, And Thus, Make You Stand With High Self-Esteem And Confidence To Face Any Situations In Your Life.
Thus, Achieving Success In Life Gets 100% Assured.

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