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Dr Sunit Nawale

Consultant Physician

I Am On A Mission To Make Significant Improvement In Health Of 1 Million People Using Grapho-Therapy. By Using Grapho-Therapy In My Medical Practice, I Am Going To Reduce Or Stop Medications Of My Patients. I Am On A Mission To Spread The Knowledge Of Graphology , Create Interest In People Especially The Parents And Make Positive Change In Mind Of Children.

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I Am Pleased By Art And Science Of Graphology By Dr Nawale Sir. This Was My First Time And I Myself Was Pleased By His Skill On It. I Came To Know Mirror Image Of Character Through His Interpretation. I Am Very Much Amazed By The Science.

Dr Tushar Modi, Thane


Dr Sunit Had Asked Me To Write One Page. Then He Analysed That Page. As Per His Analysis He Said Lot Of Things About Me. 80% Of The Things That He Said Matched With My Personality. So He Is Definitely Good At Analysing Hand Writing.

Shreemantika, Mumbai


Your Analysis Of My Hand Writing Was Really Correct. I Got To Know Some Of The Things Which I Never Guessed And Got To Know Both Positive And Negative Aspects I My Personality. This Is Really Useful To Many People I Think. Thanks For Taking Out Time For Me.

Sushil Rai, Thane


Hi. My Name Is Dr Sunit Nawale.

I Am A Consultant Physician, Practicing Allopathy Medicine For 28 Years In Mumbai. I Always Kept Holistic Approach In Treating My Patients And Hence Using Other Methods In Treatment.

When I Was First Introduced To Graphology, It Was The Curiosity To Know It. After First Certification Program I Developed Lot Of Faith In The Science. Now It Is The Passion That Kept Me In Learning And Practicing It.
Initially In Fear Days Graphology Made Me Feel Better. In A Month It Elevated My Mood, Improvement In Expressiveness And Felt Confident.

Graphology Is A Simple Method And Make Significant Positive Impact, Hence Decided To Share It To My People.
I Thank Imran Baig For Teaching Graphology.

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