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Dr Sneha S Bhosale

MD (Hom) , Practising Homepath Since 1993, Academician Since 1999.

Handholding With Handwriting Analysis While Healing With Graphotherapy.

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80% Appropriate. It Was A Great Experience. It Increased My Knowledge As I Never Knew That Handwriting Can Tell So Much About A Person . It Benefitted Me As I Came To Know About Some Of My Traits That I Can Work Upon .

Dr Shweta Manicker, Alibaug

PG Student

80% Was Appropriate. It Was A Good Experience To Hear About Myself From Handwriting. It Helped Me As I Came To Know Some Of My Traits Which I Can Work On .

Dr Revati Kamble , Mumbai

PG Student

Around 90 % Of The Traits Were Matching With My Personality.It Was A Uniwue Experience To Learn About Myself Through My Handwriting .


Dr Sanjeevani Patil, Mumbai


Hi. My Name Is Dr Sneha S Bhosale .

Got Interested In Handwriting Analysis , Finding Huge Scope Of Graphotherapy In Homeopathic Practice .
It Would Be A Useful Ancillary Measure .

Homeopathic Practice Focuses On Psyche In Pathogenesis And Graphotherapy Is A Evidence Based Mind Therapy .

The Analysis N Therapeutic Value Of Handwriting Has Been Very Curious And Interesting Learning.
Hope N Wish To Carry Forward This Study Into Clinical Practice And Homeopathic Education.

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