Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Dr.Shyantani Chowdhury

M.A ,Ph.D (Hindi Literature) Relationship Coach/Ho’oponopono Healer And Graphologist.

As Handwriting Analyst I Can Say This Is A Science Which, If You Use It Correctly You Will Be Able To Attract Positive Frequency Of Your Life .I Commit That I Give You Your 100% Clarity In This And Overcome Your All Ups And Down In Your Career ,Relationship And Health.

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The Analysis Was Very Precise To My Nature. I Was Happy To Know That Handwriting Is Such An Invaluable Asset In Our Lives. I Felt Very Happy To Know So Much In Details About Myself. I Thank Shyantani To Help To Understand My Strength And Areas Of Improvement Through Handwriting.-

Toshiba Sarkar, Kolkata


It’s Amazing To Discover About Oneself Through The Analysis Of Our Handwriting. The Points Which Shyantani Described Are Not Only Close To Precision But Also Reflect Her Ability To Analyse A Personality To The Core. Surely Graphological Analysis Gave Me Some Insights Which Will Help Me To Work On My Drawbacks And Enhance My Strengths.

Sutapa Das, Barasat


It’s Mind Blowing. For The First Time.I Have Experience Such Things In My Life .Whatever She Said Was Correct And Related To Some Of The Situation. Overall The Experience Was Very Good, I Would Suggest Other People Too. I Rate 4.7 Stars Out Of 5

Abhishek Sarkar, Ashoknagar

Student ,M.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Hello I Am Shyantani

Mother Of Young Daughter And Dog.I Have Done Many Courses And Classes And Every Class Has It Own Importance In My Life But This One Science Help Me Understand My Own Self Better. It Help My Frequency.

So I Am In Mission To Change Frequency By Changing Something You Are Holding It For Long And If I Can, You Can Do As Well .Handwriting Can Affect Your Personality And Goals. I Learned It And Changed Mine Now It’s Your Time To Change It.

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