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Dr Shilpa Toshniwal

Md Medicine, Consulting Physician

My Mission Is To Bring Awareness And Transformations In People’s Life To Help Them Becoming The Best Version Of Themselves And Empowering Them To Lead The Life To Its Full Potential By This Powerful Tool Of Graphotherapy. I Commit For Atleast 50 Thousand People In Next 5 Years.

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Shilpa’s Analysis Of My Writing Sample Was Pleasantly Surprising As It Was Accurate. I Do Believe Graphology Is A Science But I Think The Accuracy Comes From The Person Analyst And In That Aspect I Think Shilpa Is Skilled . She Has Assimilated The Concepts And Can Apply Them . I Also Liked The Way She Presented Her Findings . The Grey/ Dark Areas / My Limitations Were Communicated Gently And Not As Judgement Or Criticism !

I Was Very Surprised By Shilpa’s Handwriting Analysis Skill, She Revealed My Whole Personality, My Emotional Being, My Strength , My Fears And How It Can Be Worked Upon Through Graphotherapy And Leading The Life To Its Full Potential.

I Had Bit Idea About Handwriting Analysis But When I Got It Done By Shilpa It Just Blew Away My Mind . How Can One Say So Many Things About Me Only From My Handwriting , My Fears, My Strength, My Relations And Even Area Of Improvement There By Bringing Positive Changes In The Required Area Of My Life. I Find It Miraculous.Thanks Dr Shilpa For All Your Efforts.

Mr A.K Singh, Delhi

Govt Officer

Hi. My Name Is Dr Shilpa Toshniwal.

I Am Dr Shilpa Toshniwal, Mbbs, Md Medicine Working As Consulting Physician, A Professional Handwriting Analyst.

My Experience Of Graphotherapy Has Been Life Changing, Magical And Empowering Me To Live My Life To Its Full Potential In All The Areas Of My Life Especially My Relationship With People Around And With Myself Too. It Revealed All The Facts, Be It My Strength, Personality Traits, Fears, Areas Of Improvement And Thereby Making The Magnificent Version Of Myself And I Want To Serve The Society, Help People Leading A Fulfilling, Blissful Life By This Simple Yet Powerful Art And Science Of Graphotherapy .

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