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Dr Rohit Ahuja

Homoeopathic Doctor

I Am On A Mission To Make People Fall In Love With Their True Self And Correct Themselves In Two Ways , Firstly By Inside Out (Spirituality) And Secondly By Outside In (Handwriting) By Using The Power Of Pen.

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Thank You Dr. Rohit With The Maximum Accuracy That You Have Revealed Something About Me, I Found It Interesting That You Could Understand Some Of My Nature With Good Accuracy Just By Looking At My Handwriting. Blessings And Love To You Dr. Rohit.

Dr.Nisha Jaswani, Lucknow

Medical Officer

It’s A Wonderful Tool To Find Out The Core I.E. Basic Nature Of The Person. I Am Surprised To Know About Myself So Deeply When Dr.Rohit Told Me All About , Now I Am His Student & Taking Graphotheraphy To Connect Myself So That I Can Change My Handwriting And There By The Message To Universe.

Ms. Kamya Ahuja, Lucknow


Greetings To The Faculty Of Writing, I Was Astonished By The Fact That How A Simple Writing Could Tell Miraculous Fact About Personality Traits, Moreover The Interesting Fact Is That To Work On The Weaknesses Which Have Been Highlighted Through This Reading, As The Emotional Imbalance Which Is Been Witnessed From My Writing , I Could At Least Seek The Opportunity To Work Upon It . I Am Highly Obliged And Grateful Towards The Writing Analyst And His Perception, This Definitely Means A Lot To Me , As When Our Traits Shown As Positive And Negative Aspects Are Revealed To Us , A Scope Of Improvement Towards Perfection And Getting Motivated By Inherent Aspect Enhances. Thanks A Lot For This Great Discourse, My Humble Gratitude And Respects Towards The Analyst .” God Bless,

Ms. Divya Verma, Bahraich(U.P)

Bank Manager(Sbi)

Hi. My Name Is Dr Rohit Ahuja .

I Am Dr.Rohit Ahuja A Homoeopathic Physician Practicing Since 20 Years In Lucknow (U.P) I Believe The Root Cause Of Every Disease Is Mental Conflict Or Mental Turmoil And Without Curing The Mind, No Disease Can Be Cured.

Whole Personality Can Be Changed By Simply Changing Handwriting, It’s Amazing! That Influenced Me To Work Upon To Improve Handwriting Not Only Mine But Others Too.

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