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Dr. Rajalakshmi Nott

MBBS,MD PEDIATRICS,NLP Practitioner, 'Care By Prescience' Mentor For Vibrant Energy..

My Mission And Commitment As A Handwriting Analyst Is To Help One Million People Or More Be Their Best Version Of Themselves And Be Self Expressed In All Areas Of Their Lives And Ensure The Young Ones In Their Lives To Have A Headstart In Having High Self Esteem And Discover Their True Potential Right From Their Formative Years.

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My God Ma’am, Unbelievable, Incredible 👏 I Just Am Unable To Imagine How Handwriting Can Be So Predictable About A Person. And That Too Things Like Not Liking A Person From Writing The Same Paragraph Given Not Even Ones Feeling. Is This Some Miracle Or Something. Each And Every Step Mentioned For The Betterment Looks Like You Have Known Me For So Long. And The Points Specified For My Existing Personality Traits Are Like 99.99 % True. I Am Eager To Meet You For Sure Sometime. Grateful To You Dear Doctor ❤ Love You For All That You Are Doing. You Are In My Prayers Daily And I Wish You Go Miles Ahead And Achieve Even More Than You Aim For. God Bless You Dear Doctor.🤗🫶🏻❤️🙌

Kanchan , Navi Mumbai


Omg Ma’am This Is Amazing .Thank You So Much. Thank You Ma’am It Feels Great Speaking With You Everytime Some Part Of Me Gets Healed 💗.

Thanks Ma’am For The Analysis….I Think This Is 100%. Whatever You Have Mentioned Is Right.

Deepika Singh, London


Hi. My Name Is Dr. Rajalakshmi Nott .

Self Development Is My True Passion And It Is My Vision To See Everyone The World Over With High Self Esteem And Being Self Expressed In All Areas Of Life. I Entered The World Of Writing From Speed Reading.

As I Watched Mr Imran Baig Predicting Personalities Just Through Their Signatures, I Was Fascinated To Learn This Science, And Journey In These 7 Weeks Has Been Very Fulfilling And Rewarding.

My Clarity Has Improved, As Is My Confidence, I Find Myself Sharing More Freely My Feelings Instead Of Suppressing Them And I am Even Calmer Now.

As A Pediatrician With Young Children, I Have Taken On The Role Of Wellness Mentor Coaching In Vibrant Energy And Grapho-therapy Is A Very Powerful Way In Itself And Very Synergistic With Other Modalities.

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