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Dr. Payal Garg

Senior Consultant ENT

As A Handwriting Analyst I Am On A Mission To Help People Getting Deeper Insights Into Their Personality, Thoughts And Behaviour Pattern And Empower Them To Make Positive Changes Through Power Of Pen !

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I Was New To The Experience Of Analysing Individual Traits Merely By Some Strokes. Dr Payal Has Very Accurately Interpreted My Vivid & Enthralling Personality Characteristics Based On My Handwriting. I Was Awestruck When Dr Payal Proved Me How Proficient Our Nervous System Has Crafted Our Behaviour Traits In Our Handwriting. With Her Precision And Skills I Got A Keen Sense Of Dynamics Of My Traits And Behaviour.I Am Truly Thankful To Her For Harnessing My Potential And Giving Me Room For Improvement Through Graphotherapy . She’s One Of A Kind , A Handwriting Analyst With Sharp Knowledge And Astute Interpretation!

Pridarshini Chokar, Delhi

Audiologist & Psychologist

Handwriting Of People Always Amazed Me And I Had This Thought That Handwriting Has Something To Do With One’s Personal And Individuality. When Dr Payal Told Me About Her Handwriting Analysis Skill I Was Really Interested In Getting My Handwriting Analysed By Her. I Was Totally Blown Out By Her Precise And Accurate Analysis And She Helped To Enhance My Potential Skills Just By Changing My Strokes In Writing! My Deepest Gratitude To Her For Giving Me A Different Perspective Of Myself In Many Aspects And To Improve In A Better Way ! Thank You Sooo Much Dr Payal.

I Have Heard About Handwriting Analysis Previously But Never Thought Of It As Science. After Dr Payal Analysed My Handwriting I Was Amazed . She Was So Precise And Accurate. She Told Me Things That I Was Doing Subconsciously But Unknown To Myself. It Was Truly Enlightening. I Am So Glad That I Went For The Analysis And Make Changes To My Writing For Changing Things Around Me. After Her Deep And Meaningful Insight Of My Analysis I Really Understood The Meaning Of The Sentence ‘Healthy Mind Cannot Have A Diseased Body’. I Am Really Thankful To Her For So Intellectually Explaining Me The Science Of Graphology. Thank You For Helping Me Grow And Become Better.

Dr Nidhi Sharma, Delhi


Hi. My Name Is Dr. Payal Garg .

I Started The Journey Of Being A Handwriting Analyst As A Student Learning The Science Behind It . As I Started Writing Graphotherapy I Could See Impactful Changes In My Personality And Behaviour And My Productivity Increased Tremendously!

Henceforth I Decided To Learn And Take This Science Forwards To All The People Around Me And Help Them Reach Their Newer Heights Through The Power Of Pen !

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