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Dr Pankaj Kumar Sahu

MBBS, MD (CommunityMedicine), Certified Nutritionist, Professional handwriting analyst

I am on a mission to help 10 lacs individuals to overcome their weaknesses to lead a well balanced and successful life

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I am truly amazed by the handwriting analysis skills of Dr. Pankaj. I gained profound insights into my personality and behavior. The accuracy with which Dr. Pankaj deciphered the nuances of my handwriting was remarkable. The analysis provided me with a deeper understanding of myself and helped me identify areas for personal growth. I highly recommend Dr. Pankaj’s services to anyone seeking self-discovery and guidance. Thank you for the invaluable insights!

Dr Saurav Boro Choudhury

MDS (Periodontist)

I recently had my handwriting analyzed by Dr. Pankaj Sahu, and I am amazed by the results. Dr. Sahu has a unique talent for understanding handwriting and providing insightful interpretations. The analysis provided me with a better understanding of own thinking patterns and traits. I would highly recommend Dr. Sahu’s services to anyone looking for a fascinating and enlightening experience. Thank you.

Satyam Sarmah

Business owner

Dr. Pankaj’s handwriting analysis is simply amazing! His ability to understand the hidden meanings in my handwriting left me speechless. The knowledge I gained about myself were incredibly valuable. I highly recommend Dr. Pankaj’s services to anyone curious to know secrets of their own handwriting. Thank you for the experience.

Sahibur Alom


Hi. My Name Is Dr Pankaj Kumar Sahu .

Handwriting analysis has influenced my life by providing deep insights into human behavior. Graphotherapy has helped me in overcoming my life challenges and hence I’m passionate about helping others to overcome their challenges.

As a medical doctor and nutritionist, I can provide holistic service by incorporating graphology and help individuals to get an overall balance in their life that they deserve.

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