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Our Mission Is To Share Knowledge Of Graphotherapy With 1lakh People,So That They Can Apply It To Their Daily Life And Bring Healthy Body, Mind And Soul.

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As Humans We Have Curiosity To Know Deeper About Things And We’re More Curious To Know About Ourselves. My Handwriting Was Analysed By Dr. Nitendra Singh And To My Amazement It Was Very Accurate. I’m Awestruck By The Fact That Our Handwriting Speaks Volumes About Our Personality And Even More Amazed To Know That Someone Can Actually Interpret It And Know So Vividly About Us. I’m Really Impressed By The Analysis And Convinced That My Analysis Was Accurate To Nearly 100%. Thank You So Much Dr. Nitendra Singh For The Wonderful Interpretation. I Highly Recommend Dr. Nitendra To People Seeking To Know More About Their Hidden Traits.

Dr Uma, Noida


Thank You So Much For The Analysis… It’s Really Amazing To Know That So Much Can Be Known Through The Handwriting. The Result Is Almost Accurate. I Would Give The Score Of 99/100. It’s So Much Me.. Few Things I Was Doubtful On Myself, But After The Analysis From Dr. Nitendra I Was Happy To Know N All My Doubts Are Cleared. I Was Also Thrilled To Know That We Can Also Be Diagnosed And Cured Through The Handwriting. I Would Definitely Recommend This To Many. This Can Be Helpful In Many Ways. I M Really Happy N Grateful To Dr. Nitendra For This Analysis. I M Looking Forward To Further Work With Him N Get More Analysis Done N Get Treated As Well If Needed. Warm Regards,

Suma Mahesh, Doha,Qatar

Hr+ Operations Support

Hello Sir, I Came To Know About This New Concept Of Analysing One’s Personality Characteristics Through Handwriting By You. You Explained Very Well How One’s Subconscious Thoughts Are Related To Its Handwriting Patterns And One Can Make Changes Or Improve Through Improvement In Various Styles Of Writing. And I Were Amazed At How Accurately You Told About My Traits In The Form Of Both Strengths And Weaknesses And How I Can Improve Them. Almost 99%Of Your Analysis Regarding Me Was True. Knowing About Areas Of Improvement For Improving The Quality Of Life Just By Analysing The Handwriting Pattern Is Something Really Amazing. I Will Surely Work On Myself More. Thank You For Your Time And Consideration Which Will Be Of Great Help To Me. Wishing You Very Best In Your Future Endeavors Regarding This.

Manisha Gangwar, Buxar,Bihar

Civil Engineer

"I Am Dr. Nitendra Singh, M.D.S. Orthodontics.

Smile Creator  By Profession, Having Experience Of More Than 10 Years. Now Professional Handwriting Analyst As Passion, I Learned This Beautiful Science From Imran Baig Sir,

Graphology(Handwriting Analysis) Made Me Aware Of My Strengths, Weaknesses, And State Of Mind At The Time Of Writing. I Worked To Reduce The Effect Of The Negative Traits Present In My Handwriting. I Did Conscious Changes In My Handwriting To Bring About Positive Changes In My Personality.

Now It’s My Turn To Do Serve The Society To Bring Positive Changes In People’s Life With Graphotherapy.”

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