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Dr.Jayashree S Prabhu

MD (General Medicine)Hand Writing Analysis Facilitator, Graphotherapist, NLP Masters ,Colour Analyst, Sitar Player, ALOA Coach

I Am On A Mission To Increase The Awareness Among People About Importance Of Handwriting With Positive Outcome, Empower Children To Become Future Wonderful Citizens Through Handwriting

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The Report Of My Handwriting Analysis Was Amazing.This Was The Most Accurate Analyse Of My Personality I Have Ever Received,It Was Almost More Than 95% Correct.Also I Would Like To Share This With My Friends & Relatives.This Was Also Helpfull Me To Overcome My Weakness.It Was Wonderful Experience For Me.Thanks You.

Dear Madam,You Have Described About Myself Like Open Book.L Have Understood Myself Myself Better And Would Like To Know More In Future.

Respected Mam,Good Evening & Hope You Are Fine.As We Have Discussed Fev Days Before About How To Analyse The Human Psychology Or An Individual Personality Or It’s Natute Depending On Its Handwriting And The Feed Back Which You Have Provide To Both Of Is Really Very Surprising & Very Amazing Because The Things Which You Have Told To Us Are Really True Up To 90% And Which We Can Correlate These With Our Day To Life.The Explanation Which You Have Given And Some Predication About Some Incidents Are Absolutely Very Correct And These Are Definitely Help Us To Overcome Our Weak Points And Improve The Quality Of Our Life As You Say.Thank You So Much Mam To Improve Our Knowledge In Such Unknown Field.All The Very Best From All Of Us For Your Forther Studies In This New Field.Thank You Again

Mr & Mrs Ghotankar

Hi. My Name Is Dr.Jayashree S Prabhu.

I,Dr.Jayashree S Prabhu, Started Journey As A Hand Writing Analyst And Continued To Become Hand Writing Facilitator.

As L Started Changing My Hand Writing To Get Positive Outcome Of My Choice, L Understood That L Need Hand Holding Every Day For This Journey As L Could Make While Writing Everyday.L Understood My Behaviour,Parents Behavior ,My Husband’s Behaviour And My Relationship With Them Improved To Next Level.

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