Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Dr. Deepa Pillai


My Mission As A Professional Handwriting Analyst Is To Make Myself Known To Others Who Are In Search Of A Good Analyst To Decode Their Behaviour And Thoughts And Help Them To Know Self Much Better.
My Commitment Is To Help In The Healing Process Of The Mind And Make This World A Better Place To Live For Each And Everyone.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

Dr. Deepa Beautifully Explained Every Aspect She Noticed While Doing My Handwriting Analysis. There Were Points Which Made Me Think In Depth, The Patterns Of My Life. Could Instantly Connect To Other Points And Easily Resonated With That Area Of My Life. She Explained With Examples Making Me Understand Many Areas Of My Life In The Most Profound Way. There Was Clarity In Each And Every Point She Explained. Whole Heartedly Appreciate The Effort She Has Taken To Analyse My Handwriting. I Am Grateful And Thankful To Her For The Willingness And Commitment She Has Shown To Help Me In Unlearning The Old Aspects Of Life Which Is Commendable. Thankyou Deepa. It Felt Great While Interacting With Her. 🙏🏼

Lathika Nair, Mumbai


Thank You Deepa With The Maximum Accuracy That Y You Have Revealed Some Things About Me. I Found It Intersting That You Could Understand Some Of My Nature With Good Accuracy Just By Looking At My Handwriting. Blessings And Love To You My Dear.

Indu Pillai, Kalyan

Retd. School Teacher

Deepa Mam, I Could Relate With Most Of Your Analysis Report. I Feel So Good To Know How Much You Could Know About Me From My Handwriting.

Dr. Sujata Singh, Kalyan

Dental Surgeon

Hello Everyone I Am DR. DEEPA PILLAI.

I Am A Dental Surgeon With Almost 12yrs Of Practice And Running My Own Clinic In Kalyan- Mumbai. I Was Always Interested In Knowing The Mind And I Read A Lot On This Topic. I Have A Lot Of Physical Ailments, And I Was In Search Of Some Practical Information Needed To Change My Life. When I Came Across Imran Baig Sir’s Courses And The Way He Has Passed On To The Knowledge To All Of Us, I Fell In Love With This Science. It’s A Joyful Experience To Get To Know About Other’s Core Nature By Just Looking At Their Handwriting And The Surprise On Their Face When We Explain It To Them, Truly Brings About Satisfaction In My Heart.
I Myself Have Become Much Calm And Composed After Doing My Graphotherapy And I Am Able To Look At Life With Much More Clarity.
I Intend To Help Others Who Feel Helpless And Hopeless Sometimes, Stuck In Their Own Mental Jail. I Wish To Provide Guidance To Those Who Seek Healing And Need To Better Their Life The Way I Am Doing Mine.

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