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Dr. C. S. Walter


I Am On A Task To Reach One Lakh People To Help Them To Upgrade Their Personality Using The Amazing Magic Of Graphology.

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“Walter Ji, First Of All Thank You For The Assessment. Almost 85 To 90% It Is Correct. One Point Which Strongly Doesn’t Suit My Character Was Abt Multitasking…I Am A Multitasker…Can’t Focus On One Thing Alone. Only This Thing Regarding Base Of Personality Wasnt Matching.”

Lekshmi Nilesh, Thiruvananthapuram

Income Tax Department

“All Are Correct Except I Think: Strength – Frank And Honest When Ask For An Opinion And Areas To Improve – Easily Provoked To Anger. Above 90% Correct”.

“95%. In My Point Of View Your Assessment About Me Is An Excellent Work.”

Saritha Ps, Paravur, Ernakulam

Accountant And Home Engineer

Hi. My Name Is Dr. C. S. Walter.

I Dr. C. S. Walter, Is An Environmental Professional In A Central Government Organisation. My Journey With Graphology And Graphotherapy Started As A Fun.

But Experiencing How Graphotherapy Is Amazingly Impacting My Life And Moreover How Graphology Helps Me To Understand People Around, Has Lured Me To Fall In Love With The Incredible Science.
I Decided To Have A Journey With Mr. Imran Baig To Help The Needy In Their Life And To Adopt This Science To Uplift My Life.

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