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Dr Archanaa Dongre

PhD In Civil Engineering

To Utilize My Expertise In Handwriting Analysis To Provide Accurate And Insightful Assessments Of Individuals’ Personality Traits, Behavior Patterns, And Potential. Through The Application Of Scientific Methods And Ethical Standards, I Strive To Empower Individuals And Organizations To Make Informed Decisions And Achieve Their Goals.

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Good Morning Ma’am. I Have Read All Things Which You Shared Me After Rigorous Analysis Of My Hand Writing. It Is Amazing. Whatever You Said Is Truly Correct. I’m Agree About All Points. I Don’t Know How It Is Possible By Only Analysis Of Hand Writing. Please Give Me Suggestion Ma’am How We Can Improve My Self. If We Saying About Marks Then 10 Out Of 10 From My Side. Thank You Ma’am.

Vikaskumar Pandey, Mumbai

Assistant Professor

Hi Ma’am, The Analysis Is Absolutely Correct And I Agree All The Things Said About It. It Reflects My Personality In It And The Approach Towards Life. Thank You Ma’am And Please Do Suggest Any Things Or Area About To Which Needs To Be Improved. Thank You 😊 From My Side For You Is 100 On 100.,

Twinkal Memdhe, Mumbai

Assistant Professor

Good Morning Ma’am, I Read The Handwriting Analysis And After Giving Proper Thought To It I Reached On The Conclusion. The Handwriting Analysis Is Very Much Correct, Except Having Anger For The Opposite Gender. As Far As I Have Thought, Most Of My Interactions Have Been With The Opposite Gender Since I Was A Child, And Bearing Any Anger Towards The Opposite Gender Doesn’t Seem Plausible To Me Even If Maybe It Is On A Subconscious Level, I Don’t Think That’s Possible. It Could Maybe Be Anger Towards Everybody In General Or Society Or Something That Considers A More Larger Scale Than Only The Opposite Gender. And The Emotion Being Of Anger Or Something A Little Different. Otherwise The Entire Analysis Was Very Accurate. I Would Give It An Accuracy Of 95%. Thank You So Much, It Helped Me To Know Myself By Written Word And Not Just In Thought.,

Lalit Dongare


Hi. My Name Is Dr Archanaa Dongre.

Handwriting Analysis Came To Me As Life Changing Program. I Was Amazed To See That Handwriting Analysis Is So Scientific And Yet Very Powerful Tool.

With Regular Practice I Have Improved My Overall Personality. I Had Practiced 21 Days Graphotherapy And Then I Had Taken Professional Approach Course. I Just Practiced Regularly And I Saw Clarity Of Thoughts In My Mind. My Confidence Level Increased In Graphotherapy.

I Understood That Graphotherapy Can Bring All Positive Changes In Life.

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