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Divya Madhukar

Masters In Computer Science, Director @ Trained Brain Education Pvt Ltd, Center Director, Imtti

I Am On A Mission To Reach Out To More Students And Parents And Help Them Understand , Improve Their Personality By Identifying Their Strength And Overcome Their Fears And Defences By Analyzing Their Handwriting And Using Grapho-Therapy As A Tool .

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

“Being A Law Student , I Am Very Much Aware That We Use Graphology In Solving Some Of The Case. For The Very First Time , When You Approached Me For My Handwriting Analysis, I Quickly Shared And Was Left Surprised To Know Most Of My Personality Traits. It Was A Great Experience To Having Been Introduced To My Own Self And The Accuracy Was Almost 99% Right. I Admire And Appreciate Your Quick And Timely Update On Sharing My Analysis. I Wish You All Good. Looking Forward To Being Associated With You If I Need Any Assistance In My Court Cases. Thank You ! “

Nitish S, Bangalore

Law Student

“Always Admire Divya Ma’am For Her Crystal Clear Explanation. How Beautifully And Professionally She Explained About My Personality Just By Observing My Handwriting. She Always Responds Really Quick And Provides Mature Feedback . Her Smile Always Presets Happy , Positive Attitude To The Trainees! Thanks A Lot For Analysing My Writing. I Will Surely Work On Few Areas That You Have Mentioned. Thanks A Lot! “

Naveena Ramdass ,Bangalore

Home Maker

Being A 65 Years Old Person , When You Asked Me About Share Me Your Hand Writing Sample And You Will Analyse My Writing , I Was Like – How Is That Even Possible. I Remember Asking You Questions Like , Is It Like Astrology , Numerology ? You Only Smiled And Handed Over Me Some Sheets Of Paper To Write. I Literally Was Thinking That You Have Gone Mad / Just Making Me Write As I Was Jobless At That Time. To Be Very Frank , After Few Days When You Shared Me The Analysis , I Was Literally Shocked ! How Is That Even Possible To Say All These Just By Looking Somebody’s Handwriting? Well , Divya You Are Doing A Good Job In Helping People Know About Themselves . I Am Practicing Every Day Some Letters That You Asked Me To . Thank You!

Venkatesh , Retired Employee


Hi. My Name Is Divya Madhukar.

I Am From Bangalore, India. I Am Currently Working As The Director At Tbepl And Center Director At Imtti . I Am A Mother Of 2 Boys, A Montessori Coach , An Early Childhood Educator, Teacher Trainer And A Handwriting Analyst Practicing Grapho Therapy ,Health And Handwriting

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