Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Dipika Rajesh Menon

Communication And Softskill Trainer Language Trainer Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Therapist

As A Professional Handwriting Analyst I Commit To Be Non Judgmental And Help Myself, Friends, Family And Any One Who Comes In My Aura To Understand Themselves, Overcome The Road Blocks And Be An Useful Resource And A Better Version Of Themselves.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

Unbelievable You Are A Threat You Can Read Through And Through Without I Telling You

Jaishree Shah, Vadodara

Home Engineer

How Did You Know That None Other Than My Family Knows All This

Jaimeen , Vadodara


It’s Crazy A Writing Can Tell Secrets About The Writer. Thank You For Helping Me Cool.

Hitesh Shah, Vadodara



Being A Trainer, I Have Always Been Inquisitive To Learn New Domains Moreover Have Been Training Handwriting Improvement For More Than A Decade And Knew The Subject To Some Extent. When I Came Across Imran’s Advertisements On Facebook Feeded My Inquisitiveness And Joined The Webinar And Lo The Journey That Began To Know And Help Myself Took A Long Road And Here I’m Ready To Carry The Batton Passed By Imran Ji Further To The World.

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