Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Dinesh Khairnar

Chief Operating Officer, B.E (Mechanical), MBA – Operations

My Mission Is To Be Approachable And Reach Out To 10,000 People And Help Them, Understand Their Personality By Identifying Their Strengths And Overcome Their Fear And Defences Using Grapho Therapy.

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I Was Genuinely Amazed That Dinesh Sir Could Tell Me Things About Myself Just By Looking At My Handwriting During Our Analysis Session. His Analysis Was Really Helpful To Me In Understanding Who I Really Am, What Areas I Need To Improve, Where I Am Weak, And What I Actually Am. So Now I’m Considering Beginning Grapho-Therapy To Discover The Power Of Handwriting To Transform My Life. Thanks.

Mr. Vishal Mistry, Vapi - Gujarat

Owner – Prabodham Impex

Thank You So Much For Your Analysis… It’s Incredible To Think That So Much Can Be Learned From Handwriting. It’s An Almost Correct Outcome. I’d Score It 100 Out Of 100. It’s Very Much Me. There Were A Few Things About Myself That I Wasn’t Sure About, But Following Dinesh Sir’s Analysis, I Was Relieved To Learn That All My Questions Had Been Answered. I Was Ecstatic To Learn That Our Handwriting Can Also Be Used For Diagnosis And Treatment. This Is Something I Would Strongly Suggest To Others. This Can Be Useful In An Assortment Of Situations. I Am Overjoyed And Appreciative To Dinesh Sir For This Analysis. Thanks.

Mr. Parth Prajapati, New Zealand

CRM Executive – Christchurch

My Handwriting Analysis Was Completed By Dinesh Sir, And I Was Surprised To Learn How Much A Person’s Handwriting Conveys Through Their Strokes. I Discovered Myself Relating To A Variety Of Traits, Such As Execution, Temper, Procrastination, And So Forth, And It Gave Me A Lot To Consider Overall. I Was Inspired To Work On My Weaknesses Further And To Learn More About The Fascinating Science Of Handwriting After This Session. Overall, It Was A Pleasure To Acquire Dinesh Sir’s Perspectives On Various Aspects Of Life In General, And I Thoroughly Enjoyed This Informative Session.

Mrs. Reina Jina, New Zealand

Beauty Therapist – Christchurch

Hello, I Am Dinesh Khairnar

A Manufacturing And Operations Professional With Over 25+ Years Of Rich Experience In Engineering Field, I Have Mastered Several Skills. Being Resilient, Managing Tasks, Multi-Tasking And Consulting Are My Forte. I Learned This Skill Under The Expert Guidance Of Imran Sir, And Now I Am On A Mission To Contribute To Society By Imparting This Science To Numerous Individuals To Help Them Understand Themselves And Bring About Positive Changes In Their Lives.

Grapho-Therapy Has Assisted Me In Overcoming My Fears And Understanding Many Of The Blind Spots In My Personality. Handwriting Improvement Through Grapho-Therapy Is A Scientifically Proven Method For Fostering Better Hand-Brain Coordination.

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