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Devika Ramkisson

Certified Handwriting Analyst & A Grapho-Analytical Therapist

Your Mind Is Your Greatest Asset. Your Thoughts Become You. My Mission Is To Create A Platform For Thousands Of Individuals, Giving Them The Opportunity To Improve The Way They Think, Live And Communicate By Empowering Their Mind, And Elevating Their Personality Simply By Putting Pen To Paper.

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This Is Really Unbelievable. I Don’t Write Much, But From Today I Am Definitely Going To Write More And Focus On My Handwriting. Thank You Devika, For Introducing This Wonderful Thing Called Handwriting. With A Twist. Thank You Also For All The Suggestions Which Will Help Me Change The Written Formation Which In Turn Will Help Me Have A Better Personality. It Was Amazing To Listen About How Handwriting Can Change One’s Life.

Rehana Ballim , Stanger


I Cannot Believe This Analysis Of My Handwriting. It Truly Is A Wonderful Science Which Can Help The World, Especially, Our Young Children. Regarding My Handwriting And The Results,I Would Like To Concentrate On The Letter Formation That Is Affecting My Personality. I Understand That I Have To Start Writing With Care And Awareness. This Will Help Me Improve My Lifestyle As Well. Thank You My Girl For Showing Me This Wonderful Science Of Handwriting.

Jayce Naidoo , Stanger


I Am Shocked And In Awe As To How My Simple Handwriting Is Telling Me So Much About Me. I Will Certainly Take All That You Have Told Me On How, By Merely Writing With Awareness And The Method Suggested To Change The Letter Formation Will Definitely Spike My Personality. Thank You Devika, For This Amazing Opportunity.

Shiela Hoobraj , Stanger


Hi. My Name Is Devika Ramkisson .

My Journey As A Graphologist Began With Mitesh Khatri, Law Of Attraction Coach. He Collaborated And Introduced Us To Imran Baig, A Professional Graphologist. I Attended His “The First Step Program.” I Was Smitten.

He Conducted The Online Coaching With Precision, And Delivered What He Promised. His Authenticity Was The Differentiator For Me To Become A Handwriting Analyst.

Practicing Grapho-Therapy Changed My Mindset And Personality. Graphology Is A Game Changer. It Literally Transports You Into A World You Never Thought Existed.

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