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Deepak Kumar

Chartered Accountant

My mission is to provide insightful, respectful handwriting analyses that empower individuals in their journey of self-discovery. I commit to integrity, empathy, and continual learning, ensuring each analysis is a confidential, compassionate guide towards personal understanding and growth.

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“Amazing ~ So stunned & deeply grateful for the accuracy of Deepak’s handwriting analysis ~ feel so enlivened & empowered to make necessary changes. So concise but volumes of insight. Magical. So many gifts, learning and time put into this is super inspiring!”

Laura Clifton, Europe


Thank you, Deepak Bhaiya, for your handwriting analysis… Almost up to the mark… if you find or remember anything else, please do share🙏if I were to mark you out of 100, Personality: Full marks Micro: 90 Thanks once again🙏

Meena Arora, Delhi


Grateful to you for taking effort and time to analyze my handwriting. Almost all that you mentioned about my feelings, habits, strengths are correct. Like me getting irritated, let go of certain things in life – in family or work, now a days focused thinking and working has developed. I am glad that you suggested to put my practical goals in front and work towards it.

Uma, Mysore


Hi. My Name Is Deepak Kumar

As a Handwriting Analyst, my fascination with the unique stories told through handwriting led me to this path. This journey has been transformative, guiding me to understand people beyond words. It influenced my life by deepening my empathy and insight into human nature.

I embarked on this mission to share these revelations, offering services that help others uncover their hidden strengths and challenges, fostering self-awareness and personal growth in a deeply personal and meaningful way.

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