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Deepak HS

Diploma In Electronics & Communication Engineering / Working As A "Head-Production" In An Automotive Electronics Industry

With The Help Of Handwriting Analysis & Grapho Therapy, I Would Like To Shape The Personality Traits & Address Scope For Improvements For Self, Family & Friends. I Would Like To Help The People To Know The Importance & Power Of Handwriting Which Is Driven By The Sub-Conscious Mind, Which
Results In One’s Behaviour, Thinking Pattern, Strength & Weakness.

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Mr. Deepak Is Office Colleague ( My Reporting Officer ),Informed Me About His Graphology Course Learnings And He Asked Me To Give My Hand Written Write-Up To Him For Handwriting Analysis. I Got My Handwriting Analysis From Him & His Observations About My Personality & Nature Are True About 82%, Which Is Commendable As A First Level Learner & I Appreciate That. I Also Came To To Know That One Can Improve His Or Her Personality & Nature By Practicing Grapho Therapy Prescribed Exercises , Which Is Very Much Surprising To Me & Hard To Believe. Mr. Deepak Is Having A Competency To Become A Handwriting Expert Analyst & Grapho Therapist. I Wish Him Good Luck For His Further Progress In Grapho Therapy.

It Was Interesting To Get My Handwriting Analysis By Mr. Deepak Hs. I Was Excited As Well Curious About It. He Explained Me The Meaning Behind Various Details Of My Handwriting Which Actually Reflecting In My Personality. I Was Never Aware Of How Handwriting Really Speaks Personality Traits. I Am Still Surprised That How Alphabets, Their Strokes & Loops All Say So Much About The Person. Based On My Handwriting Mr. Deepak Has Shared My Personality Traits & That Was Matching Almost 90%. He Guided Me About My Handwriting & How I Can Improve My Negative Points. I Will Definitely Try Those Suggestions & Looking Forward To Offer My Modified Handwriting To Re-Analyze.

Hello, This Is My Observations & Feedback To Mr. Deepak Regarding My Handwriting Analysis Done By Him. I Had One To One Discussion With Him, He Started The Discussion With Introduction Of Handwriting Analysis , How It Helps To Know The Personality Of Individual. He Explained My About Different Areas Of Personality Like Base Personality, Relations, Strengths & Areas Of Improvements. His Analysis Power Relate To My Report Is Really Good. My Rating Is 95% For His Analysis Report. Thank You Mr. Deepak For Sharing Me My Personality Report.

Hi. My Name Is Deepak HS.

Dear Friends,

I Am An Electronic Manufacturing Professional & Have Been Working In The Manufacturing Industry For More Than 20 Years Now.
I Am A Certified “Handwriting Analyst & Grapho Analytical Therapist “With A Good Amount Of Skill & Experience.
I Am Skillful Person And Help People To Empower Them Selves To Lead Their Life Successfully.
I Would Like To Offer My Handwriting Analysis & Grapho Therapy Solutions To All Kind Of People By Which One Can Improve Their Traits.
I Am Committed To Helping People To Overcome Their Negative Personality. By This They Can Be More Competent In Their Personal Life & As Well As In Their Professional Life.
I Am A Healthy And Energetic Person With A Lot Of Blessings From Parents & Teachers. Also I’m Being Supported Throughout My Work By My Family.

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