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Debasmita Das

Believer | Doer | Fashion Designer | Handwriting Analyst

I Am On A Mission To Reinstate The Love For Writing Among People By Inspiring Them To Write Their Own Fate.

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Being An Investment Banker, My Life Revolves Around Numbers, Excel, Key Board & My System But Almost Never Near Pen & Paper. When Presented With The Idea Of Handwriting Analysis, I Initially Thought It Was Some Marketing Gimmick And My Mind Instantly Rejected The Idea As To How Someone Can Trace Out One’s Traits & Characteristics, Just From Their Handwriting. But I Am Happy By Debasmita, Who Changed My Perception. Was Flabbergasted The Accuracy Of Her Analysis And World Recommend To Everyone.

Swarup Das, Bangalore

Investment Banker

I Would Like To Thank Debasmita For Sharing The Insights From My Handwriting. It Was So Accurate, That It Revealed Some Characteristics That I Knew I Had, But In My Subconscious. These Kind Of Revelations From Handwriting Strokes Is Something That Needs Very Minute Analysis, And I Believe She Has Put The Most Efforts To Get These Inferences Out . Now, That I Know What I Am A Bit Clearer, I Am Not Afraid Taking Steps In That Direction. I Am Feeling Confident About Some Things That I Had Doubt In. Will Definitely Recommend Someone To Go For It, If They Are Having Self Doubt And Need Some Motivation.

Amit, Bangalore

Software Engineer

I’m So Glad I Decided To A Be Part Of Ms Debasmita’s Study Of Personality Through One’s Handwriting, It Gave Me A Great Introduction To The Concepts And Practices Of Connections Between The Elements Of Handwriting And Personality. Debasmita Was Wonderful With Her Approach, She Gave Me A Great Real-Life Perspective And Was Able To Give True Reflection Of My Personality With Utmost Accuracy.

Bhavini Verma, Bangalore

Fashion Designer

Hi. My Name Is Debasmita Das .

I Have Always Been A Strong Believer Of Law Of Attraction And Things That Can Bring Positiveness To Me And My Loved Ones.

When Introduced To The Art Of Handwriting Analysis, I Instantly Grasped My Interest On How One’s Handwriting Can Reveal Their, Characteristic Traits And How Someone Can Bring Positivity & Happiness Into Their Life By Tweaking The Way They Write.

Away From The Corporate Hustle & Tussle , Finally Found Something That I Am Passionate About, Through Which I Can Promote Wellbeing And Bliss Among People.

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