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Debashree Ghosh

Food Nutritionist, Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Therapist, Motivational Speaker, Nature Lover, Art Therapist, Craft Item Maker, Dancer, Dream Analyst, Face And Hair Yoga Expert, Fashion Designer, Home Chef, Mother And Home Engineer, Painter, Positive Life Coach, Singer, Taekwondo Player, Youtuber

As A Professional Handwriting Analyst, I Want To Let Others Know That I Am Always With The Truth…In The Analysis Of Your Handwriting Or In My Commitment Towards Doing My Job In The Best Possible Way. Just Go Forward Towards A Better Future. Wishing For Your Abundance Through Your Handwriting.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

I Had My Handwriting Evaluated By Debashree Ghosh And Was Surprised To See That 95% Of Her Assessments Were Very Relatable. It Is Amusing To See How Much Can Be Determined About One’s Character Merely From Some Strokes Of Their Writing. I Absolutely Recommend Her And Wish Her The Best In This Endeavour.

Laboni Basu, Bangalore

Business Analyst

I Hereby Inform That I Am Pleased With The Personality Analysis Through My Handwriting…Done By Debashree Ghosh. As A Handwriting Analyst, I Give Her 7.5 Out Of 10. In Fact, As An Analyst She Highlighted Some Known And Even Unknown Traits Of My Personality Which Was Not Recognised By Me Till Now And Upon Which I Need To Ponder In Future.

A Good Handwriting Is The Mirror Of Your Character And Traits. This Is Not Just A Saying But An Inference That Is Made True By My Friend, Mrs. Debashree. I Never Thought That Your Qualities, Living, Characteristics Can Be Accessed Through Your Handwriting. But To My Surprise, When Debashree Analysed My Handwriting And Briefed About It, I Was Surprisingly Shocked. Whatever Traits And Characteristics She Has Mentioned And Whatever Qualities She Has Described Of Mine Are Very True To My Nature And Lifestyle. I Would Give Her A 9/10 For Her Handwriting Study Expertise. Thank You So Much For This New Addition To My Thinking.

Hello Everyone I Am Debashree Ghosh.

Handwriting Analysis Has Helped Me To Find New Friends In My City. It Has Opened New Avenues In My Professional And Personal Life, Which Were Unknown To Myself. By The Midas Touch Of Our Inspirational Mentor, Imran Baig Sir, I Was Able To Open The Locks Of All The Closed Doors(Read Possibilities) Of My Life Which Led To The Opening Of New Possibilities And Friendships. Thank You Very Much Imran For Teaching Us This Science Of Handwriting.

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