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Charishma Pokala


I Am On A Mission To Promote The Study Of Handwriting Analysis And Spread The Joy Of Writing To 50000 Enthusiastic Young Learners Through Understanding And Application.

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Tqq Soo Much Madam. Really 95% Almost Everything Is Correct To My Personality..And Some Things I Don’t Know Till I See That .. Definitely With U R Help I’ll Try To Learn Those Things And Achieve Great In My Life Madam😊



I’m Glad To Hear That I Had A Positive Experience With Charishma Ma’am And That Her Handwriting Analysis Helped Me To Gain Insights Into My Personality, Strengths, And Weaknesses. It’s Always Beneficial To Understand Ourselves Better And Make Use Of Our Strengths To Lead A Fulfilling Life. Thank You For Sharing Your Feedback And Gratitude Towards Charishma Ma’am.

K.Divya Reddy, Nellore

Assistant Professor

I Am Really Thankful To Charishma Ma’am For Analysing My Handwriting And Giving Information About My Personality, My Strengths And Weakness.By Knowing The Hidden Strengths Got The Positive Energy To Lead The Life.. I Must Say That How She Has Explained My Traits And Qualities Are About 99% Accurate . Her Handwriting Analysing Ability Is Surely Commendable. Thank You So Much Ma’am.

N.Lakshmi Prasanna, Tirupati

Home Maker

Hi. My Name Is Charishma Pokala.

I’m An Educator By Profession & A Knowledge Seeker By Passion. I Accidentally Came Through The Concept Of Handwriting Analysis, Which Fascinated Me In The Very Next Moment. I Decided To Learn This Skill. I Followed The Impeccable Teachings Of Our Coach & Facilitators And Practised It Daily. My Personality Has A Great Change While Doing So.

I Understood The Importance Of Handwriting Analysis And Started Analysing Other’s Handwriting Samples. Most Of My Clients Were Shocked Listening To My Analysis Report And The Accuracy Is Always Above 95%. They Made My Day. Now, I Am Into Coaching Too.. Where It Gives Me Immense Self Satisfaction & High Confidence Levels.

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