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Chandramouli Praseetha

BTech Designation : Country Head - Sales & Marketing

My Mission Is To Provide A Comprehensive And Reliable Platform For Handwriting Analysis That Will Enable Individuals To Understand And Improve Their Personality, Relationships, Health And Career Prospects. I Am Committed To Create An User-Friendly And Secure Platform To Provide Accurate Handwriting Analysis Services. My Goal Is To Empower Individuals To Better Understand Their Personality Traits, Relationships, Health And Career Prospects Through Handwriting Analysis. I Strive To Provide Reliable Services To Our Customers.

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Hi Ms.Praseetha, It Was Shocking For Me To Know That Someone Can Tell About Yourself By Just Seeing Handwriting… Thanks For Sending Me Your Analysis. It Was Almost Correct. And Thanks For Suggesting Me To Improve On Some Aspects. I Am Willing To Do That. –

Hi Ms.Praseetha, Thanks A Lot Mam.. Never Thought Handwriting Analysis Would Show Up One’s Character So Much Accurate.. Knows About Astrology And Other Predictions Stuff, But I Never Had An Idea On The Handwriting Analysis… You Are Very Clear In Your Points.. Almost Everything Was Right!! By Just Seeing Strokes And Patterns You Can Find So Many Things Was Never Expected .. –

M.Subha Revathi, Chennai

Home Maker

Thanks For The Analysis, It Was About 90% Accurate & Upto The Mark. Came To Know My Strengths And Weaknesses. Areas Of Improvement Were Identified & Brilliant Corrections Were Given Through Graphotherapy, I’d Highly Recommend Her To Others.

Kishore Kanna, Chennai

Associate Director

Hi. My Name Is Chandramouli Praseetha.

I Have First Shared My Handwriting Sample For Analysis. Astonished By The Science, While Listening To The Way My Sample Analysis Been Shared, I Have Decided To Learn The Science.

I Have Taken This Up To Help To Change The People’s Mindset, Who Are Suffering From Chronic Diseases.

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